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    okładka Fighting Stars, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    Although Charles Stanfield was a wealthy man he was far from happy. Everything that money could buy was at his command. He had merely to give the order and it would be fulfilled without delay. From a worldly point of view he was an outstanding example of a prosperous man who had fought his way to the top of the ladder of success. By many he was admired for his keen business qualities; by others he was feared and hated. He was considered a hard man, and merciless in any tran...

    okładka The Fighting-Slogan, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    This is a rare genre, namely historical fiction. You will learn what role the Fenians played in New Brunswick’s determination to become part of the Confederation of Canada. This book has become a revelation for many people. And she revealed the secrets of historical events.

    okładka The Unknown Wrestler, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    This is a story about a young pastor who decides to go to his newly appointed ward in disguise, to find out what factors in the community repel all pastors working there before they leave the community. As the secret is revealed, we meet many citizens of the community and become familiar with their problems and misfortunes. The pastor becomes an integral part of the community he seeks to serve when he is accepted.

    okładka Jess of the Rebel Trail, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    The main character was faced with a difficult choice – an unwanted marriage. Her father insisted on marriage, against her will. However, things may not be so bad. And in the end it can be a happy ending with mutual love.

    okładka The Frontiersman, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    This story is not only about wealth, but also about love. The protagonist is eager to get more money, gold and is ready to go to great lengths to do this. But is it possible that a thirst for possession will take hold of a man and he will be able to take even the most extreme actions?

    okładka Glen of the High North, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    The author again focuses on two topics: wealth and love. However, you can find love when chasing money? Our hero could. But he made great sacrifices. And is it even possible to call it love when the original purpose was to find money?

    okładka Storm King Banner, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    The story begins with a tragic event. Jim Weston’s house burned to the ground, which caused a lot of talk not only in the valley, but along the entire coastal road. The most interesting thing is that the houses in the district are also affected by fire. There were several reasons. Perhaps this was done by Jim’s former enemy, or maybe by accident.

    okładka The Trail of the Golden Horn, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    The main character, Hugo, hated the river and always kept away from it. After all, the river is a clear evil. From which many people died. Hugo will have to overcome many obstacles in its path. Overcome your fears. But will he cope with this?

    okładka Under Sealed Orders, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    The protagonist, nicknamed mad David, was auctioned off as a beggar for $ 100; then David’s life changed dramatically. He began to earn a lot and came to glory. Betty Bean is a feisty fifteen-year-old girl who has a maternal interest in Mad David.

    okładka The Touch of Abner, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    This is a novel that tells the story from a dramatic moment when Abner signs $ 1,000 to a shelter fund and detonates a financial bomb at a close gathering of Glucom people. Abner Andrews is a naughty old farmer who promises a thousand dollars, which he does not have, to a new shelter. How will he fulfill his promise, especially with a crooked lawyer, to prevent him?

    okładka The King’s Arrow, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    This is a wonderful romantic story. All events take place in the forests of New Brunswick at the time of the arrival of the Loyalists. A charming tale of perseverance and loyalty to King George after the American Revolution. It hooks each historical basis.

    okładka The Master Revenge, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    It happens that you are a hostage to circumstances. The main character, Nathan, is trying to clear his name from an unfair accusation. After 12 years, holding in prison on a false charge of theft. Can he do it? After all, now everyone looks at him differently.

    okładka Rod of the Lone Patrol, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    The lone patrol is a boy scout squad, and the boys willingly participate in many adventures. Rodney had to leave his mother unattended. And it had its consequences. However, we are used to Cody’s works that end well. Is this an exception?

    okładka The Stumbling Shepherd, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    Thanks to the main character, readers will be able to understand the value of books. It all starts with the fact that he finds an amazing book. The writings of the early fathers of the Church in their gloomy bindings occupied the lowest shelf. Above them, rank by rank, were collected church stories, ancient, modern and medieval. All the articles on his desk were organized according to his preferences.

    okładka The Crimson Sign, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    The whole story revolves around the colony of Acadia, which belonged to New France. For this territory was the most intense struggle between Britain and France. However, the territory was divided into British colonies, which became Canadian provinces and American states. This historical work and hook on everyone who is interested in history.

    okładka The River Fury, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    It was a windy day and why not go out with your boats to the sea? Sail sags were filled, people began to act, and for a long time the boats beat heavily downstream. The race began in earnest, and the spirit of rivalry revived the hearts of these tumultuous river drivers. Captain Nat was driving, and his eyes shone with pleasure as he gradually turned away from his rival.

    okładka The Red Ranger, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    The main character from the very beginning meets with difficulty. The storm does not allow you to continue your journey through the sea. He lands on an unknown shore. Where is the difficulty to overcome, and find out the difficult situation. The air seemed suffocating, and dark memories made his brain wince. He called himself a fool for coming here, and he decided never to visit this place again.

    okładka The Girl at Bullet Lake, Ebook | H.A. Cody

    For the main character, his daily work became a real torment. That he told his doctor. He had to drag himself to the office every morning, and always left him tired at the end of the day. He had never experienced anything like it before. His old friend Dr. Bradbury, in whom he was sure, would give him something to build him, and in a short time he would be as good as ever. But this order to leave the forest was something that he did not expect.....

Czym są ebooki?

Ebooki to książki, których treść została zapisana w formie elektronicznej. Są nazywane również e-książkami, publikacjami elektronicznymi czy książkami elektronicznymi. Ebooki można odczytywać na komputerach i laptopach, ale są one przeznaczone głównie do czytania na urządzeniach przenośnych takich jak smartfony, tablety i przede wszystkim czytniki książek elektronicznych. Ebooki posiadające swoje pierwowzory w formie papierowej są jej odwzorowaniem. Posiadają wszystkie elementy obecne w „tradycyjnej” wersji, takie jak okładkę, ilustracje, spis treści, przypisy itp.

Niepodważalną zaletą ebooków jest to, że w odróżnieniu od drukowanej książki można w nich zmieniać rodzaj oraz wielkość czcionki, formatować tekst, a w zależności od posiadanego czytnika istnieje też możliwość wyszukiwania pojedynczych słów w tekście, dodawania zakładek i robienia notatek.

Formaty ebooków

Ebooki są dostępne w wielu formatach. Najpopularniejsze z nich, będące standardem dla publikacji elektronicznych, to EPUB, MOBI i PDF.


To nowoczesny format będący standardem publikacji ebooków. Format EPUB umożliwia zmienianie wielkości fontu, co pomaga dopasować jego rozmiar do ekranu. Ebooki w tym formacie najlepiej odczytywać na urządzeniach posiadających ekran eINK (elektroniczny papier), chociaż można je odczytać także na smartfonie czy tablecie. Format EPUB jest możliwy do odczytania na komputerze, jednak do tego celu konieczne jest zainstalowanie właściwego oprogramowania.


Jest formatem ebooków wykorzystywanym przez czytniki firmy Amazon – Kindle (oraz na innych urządzeniach i programach dostępnych na rynku). Publikacje MOBI są zapisane w formacie Mobipocket, można więc pobrać je na dowolny sprzęt elektroniczny posiadający oprogramowanie umożliwiające odczytanie plików MOBI. Format ten jest oparty na języku HTML, dlatego jego wyświetlanie jest możliwe na urządzeniach mobilnych.


To format zapewniający taki sam wygląd strony jak w wersji papierowej – w tym formacie podział na strony jest sztywny. PDF służy do długoterminowego archiwizowania elektronicznych danych i może być odczytywany na większości komputerów, laptopów, smartfonów, czytników czy tabletów.