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The Chestermarke Instinct ebook

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Fans of golden-era mysteries will relish the twists and turns of J. S. Fletcher’s „The Chestermarke Instinct”. This cleverly crafted mystery begins with what seems like a common enough occurrence: a bank manager is late for work one morning. But what first appears to be simply a matter of a missed train soon is revealed to be a much more vexing problem. Has the manager, formerly a pillar of honesty, absconded with the missing bank’s items, or has something more sinister occurred? When a body is found at the bottom of an abandoned lead mine, the latter seems more likely. Wallington Neale, the bank’s assistant manager, must discover whether it is a case of embezzlement or if the events the result of... The Chestermarke Instinct.

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The Chestermarke Instinct

The Chestermarke Instinct

J.S. Fletcher,

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