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    okładka The Herapath Property, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    Jacob Herapat, wealthy real estate developer and Member of Parliament. found dead. With a gun at my side. But, it seems, an hour later the coachman brings him home. And what according to his will, what surprises she will open. Several people, including the police, are trying to solve the mystery.

    okładka Ravensdene Court, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    On the same night, two brothers were killed at a distance of 400 miles from each other. Their bodies were apparently searched by the killers, but money and valuables were left on the corpses. What were the killers looking for? The author unravels the complex history associated with these two brothers.

    okładka Mistress Spitfire, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    Fletcher’s understanding of human nature is evident in his writing, where his characters embody every facet of human existence in very well-written prose and dialogue. Mistress Spitfire is a simple account of some of the episodes in the history of Richard Coop, Ghent, and his cousin Mistress Alison French during the Revolution of 1642-1644.

    okładka Mr. Poskitt’s Nightcaps, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    The idea behind this book is that before going to bed, Yorkshire farmer Mr. Poskitt liked to tell a little story or „nightcap”. Thus, J.S. Fletcher recorded and collected these stories in this book. There is a hilarious story, tales of robbing money and arguing over wills, orphan pigs running around the village causing havoc, broken hearts and jealous lovers, and misers and men trying to make a fortune.

    okładka Lucian the Dreamer, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    Joseph Smith Fletcher was an English journalist, writer and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He studied law before turning to journalism. This book opens with the first page of his experiences at the train station. If you love a story that sticks to the end, then this book is for you.

    okładka In the Days of Drake, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    This is a short story about a young English boy whose cousin is kidnapped by a Spanish nobleman. He ends up in Mexico and finds himself on a galley bound for Spain. Francis Drake raids a galley and rescues British slaves, bringing them back to England.

    okładka Baden Powell of Mafeking, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    Joseph Smith Fletcher is an English journalist and writer. He wrote over 230 books on a wide variety of topics, both fiction and non-fiction, and was one of the most prolific English mystery writers. This book describes English society, their life, their customs.

    okładka Brylant śmieci, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    W jednym z londyńskich lombardów Andrew Lauriston znajduje zwłoki właściciela przybytku, starego Daniela Multeniusa. Podejrzenia policji od razu kierują się w stronę Lauristona – początkującego, wybitnie nieśmiałego literata. Tylko czy byłby on zdolny dokonać tak makabrycznej zbrodni? Na miejscu znaleziono również pozostawiony manuskrypt oraz platynową szpilkę z grawerunkiem. Do kogo należały? I czy ma to jakiś związek z morderstwem?

    okładka The Root of All Evil, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    Joseph Smith Fletcher (7 February 1863 – 30 January 1935) was a British journalist and author. He wrote more than 230 books on a wide variety of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction. Jackie Farnish has grown up in a grindingly poor household, and as she reaches adulthood she resolves to do whatever is necessary to claw her way out of poverty. She is loved by her childhood playmate Joe Bartle, but takes him for granted and feels that he lacks the spark or ambition to match...

    okładka Scarhaven Keep, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    This novel, first published in 1922, is a good example of J. S. Fletcher’s complex plots. The story starts with a famous actor gone missing in suspicious circumstances in northern England. But other dark deeds soon take our attention. Copplestone, the young dramatist, helping to solve the mystery, found himself suddenly in love; and the solution and his happiness were discovered together. In the search for Oliver, we find ourselves on a wild and lonely coast off the North S...

    okładka In The Mayor’s Parlour, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    This is a story of graft and corruption set in one of Fletchers favoured Northern towns. The mayor who is on a clean-up campaign is found dead in his parlour and our hero, his younger cousin, is determined to find out who killed him. Was he eliminated for this reason? There are entanglements involving city officials and his proposed reforms plus jealousy related to relationships. Lots of twists with a surprise murderer. The plot is cleverly centered around the inquest, whic...

    okładka Dead Men’s Money, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    Another fast-paced murder mystery by J.S. Fletcher told in the first person. He wrote about 200 books on a wide variety of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction. He was one of the leading writers of detective fiction in the „Golden Age”. It was first published in 1920, and has just the right stock of truly good characters, balanced by a couple of nasties. A young apprentice solicitor in a rural English town bordering Scotland, is riding his bike through lonely stretches of...

    okładka The Talleyrand Maxim, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    „The Talleyrand Maxim" belongs to the pen of an outstanding British journalist and writer Joseph Smith Fletcher. Linford Pratt is a suave and clever law clerk looking for a chance to better himself. Opportunity knocks when he gets possession of a rich man’s will that would mean the ruin of the present heirs. His thoughts turn to blackmail, since he assumes the wrongful heirs would pay a high price to hang onto their wealth. Pratt’s personal hero is the subtle, wily diplomat...

    okładka The Orange-Yellow Diamond, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    This novel takes place in the London parish of Paddington. The story opens with the murder of an old Jewish pawnbroker. Our Scottish hero, Andrew Lauriston, a penniless aspiring writer, has the misfortune of finding the body, and is accused of killing and robbing the old man. But then it’s found the pawnbroker had had in his possession an extraordinary South African diamond worth over eighty-thousand pounds – a diamond that’s now missing. It falls to Melky Rubenstein to unr...

    okładka The Middle of Things, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    Viner stumbles upon the body of a murdered man whilst just following through his ordinary day routines. Little does he know that this find would make him a key figure in solving a big mystery. Well its soon discovered that the murdered man’s name was Ashton and some important documents were stolen from him, but the true purpose for killing him and his real identity and that of his charge, make for a rather excitingly interesting murder-mystery... Nevertheless, Mr. Fletcher ...

    okładka The Paradise Mystery, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    A quaint and idyllic English community is rocked to its very core when a dead body of a man is found and foul play is suspected. Did he fall or was he pushed? The inquest records a verdict of death by misadventure but more than one person is dubious about the death. But with few clues to go on and no likely suspects, it appears that the brutal crime may remain unsolved. There’s another murder, lots of behind the scenes investigation into burial and marriage records, questio...

    okładka The Chestermarke Instinct, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    Fans of golden-era mysteries will relish the twists and turns of J. S. Fletcher’s „The Chestermarke Instinct”. This cleverly crafted mystery begins with what seems like a common enough occurrence: a bank manager is late for work one morning. But what first appears to be simply a matter of a missed train soon is revealed to be a much more vexing problem. Has the manager, formerly a pillar of honesty, absconded with the missing bank’s items, or has something more sinister occ...

    okładka The Borough Treasurer, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    „The Borough Treasurer” (1921) by J.S. Fletcher is a tale of blackmail, murder and a secret quarry. He has quite a large cast of interesting characters in this one, and manages to bring them all to life with great detail. This novel tales place in an obscure small town by the Yorkshire moors – an ideal spot for two ex-cons to start life over. Messrs. Mallalieu and Cotherstone were outsiders who had built a prosperous business in Highmarket and even been elected as Mayor and...

    okładka The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    Marshall Allerdyke is driving through the night from London to Hull in response to an urgent telegram from his cousin. As he nears Hull, a beautiful woman stops his car to ask for directions to Scotland. Odd time to be traveling so far and in such a hurry, but Allerdyke’s mind is elsewhere. When he finally arrives in Hull, he finds his cousin dead in his hotel room and a valuable consignment of jewels missing. Allerdyke’s only clue rests with that woman hurrying off to Scot...

    okładka The Middle Temple Murder, Ebook | Joseph Smith Fletcher

    When an elderly man’s body is found on the steps of chambers in the Midde Temple, one of the Inns of Court, it falls to newspaperman Frank Spargo and Detective-Sergeant Rathbury to solve the crime. There is no indication as to the idetity of the corpse, whose pockets are completely empty apart from a scrap of paper bearing the names and chambers address of an aspiring young barrister. Who is the victim? Why was he killed? Who is the murderer? These are the questions that Sp...

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Ebooki to książki, których treść została zapisana w formie elektronicznej. Są nazywane również e-książkami, publikacjami elektronicznymi czy książkami elektronicznymi. Ebooki można odczytywać na komputerach i laptopach, ale są one przeznaczone głównie do czytania na urządzeniach przenośnych takich jak smartfony, tablety i przede wszystkim czytniki książek elektronicznych. Ebooki posiadające swoje pierwowzory w formie papierowej są jej odwzorowaniem. Posiadają wszystkie elementy obecne w „tradycyjnej” wersji, takie jak okładkę, ilustracje, spis treści, przypisy itp.

Niepodważalną zaletą ebooków jest to, że w odróżnieniu od drukowanej książki można w nich zmieniać rodzaj oraz wielkość czcionki, formatować tekst, a w zależności od posiadanego czytnika istnieje też możliwość wyszukiwania pojedynczych słów w tekście, dodawania zakładek i robienia notatek.

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