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    okładka Word of Honour, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Word of Honor is the perfect set of most magnificent stories. Some of them have something that can be supernatural. Someone is talking about an incident that happened to them or to a friend in the past, with a group aboard a ship. Most of the stories unfold in Africa, where there are many dangerous stories.

    okładka When Carruthers Laughed, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    A nice collection of short stories from Sapper. Sapper is a master narrator, he has many wonderful stories. One of the fun moments is when Major Dacres shoots himself a finger. Really unusual story, with good humor, for easy reading.

    okładka The Saving Clause, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    A collection of nine superb Sapper stories. Of course, in the stories are present Ronald Standish and Bulldog Drummond. Two indispensable hero. They again take up their lovely deal, begin to solve various crimes. They are crazy in their own business. Detectives are so obsessed with crime that they are ready to do anything.

    okładka Tiny Carteret, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    One of the few full-length novels by Sapper, in which the Bulldog Drummond does not appear. He does, however, show the second most important character, Ronald Standish. The two most intelligent characters were villains, but their schemes and plots remained mysterious for most of the novel. We are also told that all victims die from the same poison from a small scratch on the body, although the exact poison is nobody known. This is an unusual novel, which is full of mysterie...

    okładka The Dinner Club, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Readers will be the interlocutors of our heroes. They gather in the Dinner club and tell stories related to their professions. Members of the club are different people: actor, lawyer, doctor, soldier, writer and „ordinary person”. Every member of this club is obliged from time to time to treat their fellows with dinner. The stories of these people will surprise you in a pleasant way.

    okładka Ronald Standish, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Ronald Standish takes only those matters that interest him. He kills himself to find the killer. This story will surprise everyone. After all, the idea of?? the author is very unusual. A person decides to take extreme measures in order to solve the riddle.

    okładka Out of the Blue, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    The motive in the case of murder – this is the first thing that draws the attention of the police. No one except a madman commits murder for no reason. Passion, hatred, money – as soon as the motive is established, it, as a rule, unmistakably points to someone. That is why Pender took the club with Sinclair’s arm and walked with him part of the way to his house on Brook Street. A very normal phenomenon on the part of one of Sinclair’s best friends. He was damn smart about t...

    okładka Mufti, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Sapper was the pseudonym of Herman Cyril McNeile, who wrote many novels, mostly on military subjects. In the story, the author fulfilled a fascinating look at the consequences of the war not only at the front, but also at the problems of the social class and opinions about the role of women in the family. The hero finds himself in a difficult situation: life after the war. He experiences many moments, but the most difficult thing is to cope psychologically.

    okładka The Human Touch, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Shorty Bill the sniper is a fun type, but with a cool head. He cuts a new tag on his rifle with each new kill. Herman Cyril McNeile despised the Germans. He was a soldier, a member of the Royal Engineers. This story is about simple guys who became real soldiers in the war.

    okładka Shorty Bill, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Sapper stories focus on the individuals than overall strategy. They describe what the things are like for the soldiers in the trenches. The story of an excellent young man, noble and deeply versed in the intricacies of etiquette. Most of the human race was unaware of its existence; but the „ladies” and „gentlemen” in the Mogmoth Emporium of Mogg considered him the ultimate arbiter of elegance. There is no direct story about the war, but there is a story about the man who he...

    okładka Sergeant Michael Cassidy, R.E., Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Cassidy is a loyal and legendary soldier in the Corps of Royal Engineers. He is brave, proud, and even his elders are afraid of him. Cassidy meets the narrator, a high-ranking officer in Flander. They talk about life at the front. Indeed, a spiritual story, the reader himself will be able to feel all those spiritual moments of life.

    okładka The Island of Terror, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    The protagonist, the real adventurer Jim Maitland returns to England. There he meets a charming girl, Judy Draycott, who needs his help. She tells the story of her brother Arthur, who knew where the treasures were hidden, but he was killed. Judy decides to first get to the treasure and asks Jim to help her.

    okładka The Lieutenant and Others, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    The Lieutenant and Others – a collection of stories written during the First World War. A novella written and published at the height of the war in 1916 by a soldier is approaching a real deal in its self-deprecating and ironic views on life in wartime. Here we can see a lot of dangerous moments that soldiers went through in the First World War. The book will not leave anyone indifferent.

    okładka The Finger of Fate, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    The story of Staunton and Barstow, who are witnesses of a strange spectacle at a bar in an Austrian village. The aristocrat begins a formidable target training session on some playing cards – the Five of Hearts and the Five of Spades. Barstow remains to witness this several times. Further stories of love, revenge, jealousy and destiny complete this exciting volume.

    okładka The Man in Ratcatcher, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    The Man in Ratcatcher – an exciting collection of short stories. The story about the veterans of the First World War. As well as the story of the redemption, about what little is written about in the history books. A lot of interesting story, but frightening as well.

    okładka John Walters, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    The story goes on the background of a heavy war. A person whose physical growth is impressive, but his mental state is not considered the best. This is a story about the wonderful awakening of the main character on one hot May day, when he serves in the trenches of the front line. The reader also learns about the exciting military experience of the protagonist.

    okładka Jim Maitland, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Jim Maitland is a crazy, wandering wanderer. He crosses the globe wherever he pleases. At the beginning of the book, he is in the southern seas and meets storyteller Dick Leyton, who becomes his traveling companion. Wherever they go, they will need to prove their decency and face criminals.

    okładka No Man’s Land, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    The story of real men who sacrificed themselves for the sake of their homeland and family. McNeile pays attention to people, their psychological state. Great attention to how things are in the trenches of soldiers. About how terrifying they could be and how long stretches of boredom punctuated by moments of terror could break any man after a while.

    okładka Men, Women, and Guns, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Men, Women, and Guns – collection of short stories. Events occur at the time of the First World War. The story of the soldiers who boldly defended their homeland and about women who helped their men. Although the topic of the story is more adult, for teenagers it will also be interesting and instructive.

    okładka The Third Round, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    Professor Goodman gets tragically in avaraet and dies. So many thought, except for Captain Hugh ‘Bulldog’ Drummond. He suspects that something is wrong. It turns out, his latest discovery – a miraculous new formula for manufacturing flawless diamonds at negligible cost. His suspicions are even more awakened when he notices a member of the Metropolitan Diamond Syndicate during the investigation. Subsequently, the detective unravels an ominous conspiracy and begins the race f...

    okładka The Black Gang, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    World War I ended, but the fighting continues. Captain Hugh „Bulldog” Drummond forms the Black Gang, aimed at finding those responsible for conspiracies. They set a trap to lure the criminal leader of the gang. However, the criminals began to manipulate the main character. How does it all end?

    okładka Bulldog Drummond, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    In Bulldog Drummond, we meet with Captain Hugh Drummond, who lives boringly. Therefore, he places an ad in the newspaper, offering his services in any adventure, regardless of their legality or danger. Most answers are hopeless, but then one sentence is found – the real girl in need. This adventure will surely be interesting.

    okładka The Female of the Species, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    The story revolves around revenge. First, the main character, Bulldog Drummond, kills his stormy enemy, Carl Peterson. And his mistress wants revenge for Peterson. Suddenly, Drummond’s wife is kidnapped, but the criminal leaves traces. By which the main character is trying to find his wife. This chase takes place all over England, leading to an ominous house and a torture chamber.

    okładka Jim Brent, Ebook | H.C. McNeile

    The events of the story take place during the Second World War. Jim Brent, a soldier who serves Belgium, learns that his lover is marrying another. In desperation, he doesn’t care about his destiny anyway, and he rushes into battle with a hot head. He offers to blow up the bridge, which could cost him his life.

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