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    okładka The Story of Sonny Sahib, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    Kanpur has a marble angel, which is located in a very quiet garden and fenced off even from trees and flowers by a wall. The angel looks down, miserable sorrow stands next to her, that no one wants to touch her with words. People just come, look and silently leave. Sonni Sahib’s father believed that everything he could learn during his lifetime about the fate of his wife and young son was written there.

    okładka The Path of a Star, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    This is a novel about how the British colonizers of late Victoria in Calcutta fall in love with the wrong people. Hilda Howe is a travel-loving actress clearly on her way to the top of her profession before she meets Stephen Arnold, a Catholic priest.

    okładka The Hesitation of Miss Anderson, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    Duncan Sara Jeannette has written 22 works of fiction, many with international themes. The main characters have certain freedoms living among the limits of the Empire. The resulting stories combine a sophistication of manner and movement that is reminiscent of Henry James.

    okładka The Imperialist, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    Lorne Murchison is the son of a respectable first-generation immigrant family. He is of Presbyterian Scottish descent and is running for office with his ideals of a renewed British Empire. An intelligent and insightful snapshot of provincial Canada as it enters the 20th century, torn between being alone in the world and strengthening imperial ties with the mother country.

    okładka Hilda, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    This book is about an actress and her growing up in a country full of secrets and strange people. Duff Lindsay faces a strange situation when he falls in love with Laura Filbert.

    okładka A Voyage of Consolation, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    This story begins with the termination of the protagonist’s engagement to his daughter-in-law. narrator with a fiancee who does not approve of the change. The protagonist decides to travel to Europe, to Italy and France. Travel provides an opportunity for witty observation of people and places, and by the end, romance has re-entered the storyteller’s life.

    okładka An American Girl in London, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    Mamie Vick from Chicago, USA travels alone to London to do some sightseeing, with the full approval of her family. Mamie does all the typical American tourist stuff; she visits Madame Tussauds, London Zoo, Epsom Derby, boat races in Oxford. The protagonist is full of little unexpected insights and surprises.

    okładka An Impossible Ideal, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    The action of the story takes place in the summer capital of the British Raj, is a narrative. The author questions the concepts of taste, distinction and pretension in a colonial context. The book keeps you in suspense until the very end.

    okładka A Mother in India, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    The regiment, as usual, lacked officers, and John had to hold daytime parades three times a week. This story is about a poor guy who tried to do everything to get out of poverty. This story keeps everyone to the end.

    okładka A Daughter of To-day, Ebook | Sara Jeannette Duncan

    This is a short novel about Elfrida, a young girl who gets her art education before being forced to realize that her talents may lie elsewhere instead. She runs away to Europe hoping to find a career in journalism. She read in many magazines.

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