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    okładka Twenty-Six and One and Other Stories, Ebook | Maxim Gorky

    The poem in prose „Twenty-Six and One” is based on the writer’s impressions related to life in Kazan and work in Semenov’s bakery. Gorky considers the image of a tramp, revealing its negative qualities. The work tells about twenty-six bakers, attitude, feelings, the behavior of which is presented by the author as the attitude of one person. This is achieved by using Gorky a huge number of pronouns „we are all”

    okładka Through Russia, Ebook | Maxim Gorky

    The stories, united under the name „Through Russia”, were originally printed by M. Gorky in various periodicals and collections. In the series of short stories „In Russia”. M. Gorky refers to the image of the „past in order to illuminate the paths to the future.” The writer reflected the harsh truth of the life of „little great people”, life-giving and decorating the earth with their labor.

    okładka The Man Who Was Afraid, Ebook | Maxim Gorky

    Like Byron’s passionate sayings „sounding on the tones of a wild and completely unsophisticated melody”, this is Gorky’s crazy, unbridled, powerful voice when he sings about the „madness of the brave,” barefoot dreamers who are proud of their idleness, who have nothing and fear nothing who is cheerful in his suffering, but unhappy in his joy.

    okładka Mother, Ebook | Maxim Gorky

    The novel „Mother”, one of Gorky’s most popular works, was based on the mass demonstration of 1902 in the city of Sormovo. Hence, an exciting plot based on real events, with a sharp political struggle, secret gatherings, searches, arrests, and the selfless heroism of the main revolutionary hero Pavel Vlasov. However, the central image in the novel is Pelageya Nilovna Vlasova, the mother of the hero, one of the most striking and exciting characters in Russian literature, symbo...

    okładka Creatures That Once Were Men and Other Stories, Ebook | Maxim Gorky

    A collection of short stories by a popular and influential Russian author, the founder of the literary method of socialist realism and, possibly, the greatest Russian literary figure of the 20th century. He wrote short stories, plays, memoirs and novels that touched the imagination of the Russian people, and was the first Russian author to sympathize sympathetically with characters such as tramps and thieves, emphasizing their daily struggle with insurmountable difficulties....