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Around the Moon ebook

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The science fiction story describes the adventures of three friends: the founder of the Cannon Club, Impi Barbicane, captain Nicolas and the daredevil Michel Ardan. Travelers make a five-day flight around the satellite of our planet, spending time in scientific disputes and discussions and sharing important guesses and observations with each other. At the very beginning of the novel, Barbican states: „Well, algebra is the same tool as a plow or plow, and a tool very useful for those who know how to handle it.” Perhaps the words of one of the main characters of the work reflect the idea of ​​the book: having knowledge in one area or another and knowing how to apply it correctly, a person can fly to the Moon, explore Mars or Venus, and calculate the latitude and longitude of any geographical object.

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Around the Moon

Around the Moon

Juliusz Verne,

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