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Fighting Snub Reilly ebook

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„Fighting Snub Reilly” is one of the mystery story from collection which includes eight short mysteries by Edgar Wallace, a famous British author of mystery genre. There are others: „Jimmy’s Brother”, „The Christmas Cup”, „The Man In The Golf Hut”, „A Romance In Brown”, „The Perfect Gentleman”, „Kid-Glove Harry, „Nig-Nog”. Edgar Wallace was a British author who is best known for creating King Kong. Wallace was a very prolific writer despite his sudden death at age 56. In total Wallace is credited with over 170 novels, almost 1,000 short stories, and 18 stage plays. Wallace’s works have been turned into well over 100 films.

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    • Fighting Snub Reilly


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Fighting Snub Reilly

Fighting Snub Reilly

Edgar Wallace,

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