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okładka London Prideebook | epub, mobi | Mary Elizabeth Braddon

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London Pride (ebook)

Or, When the World Was Younger

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Sprzedaje i dostarcza: Woblink

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This is a story about a knight who lost his wife during childbirth and his two daughters. The eldest daughter Hyacinth with a family monastery in Paris and Angela in a Flemish monastery with an aunt. The cloisters and surroundings were like night and day. The story of the reunion of the sisters after several years apart. The sisters have different moral values, but their sisterly cares prevail until forbidden love paves the way for despair. The author does not disappoint the Gothic romantic reader and the end, be he sad, but not all together are hopeless in the reader’s mind.

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    • London Pride


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London Pride

London Pride

Or, When the World Was Younger


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