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Surviving Belize Death defying Special Forces training in Central American jungle Naval ebook

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Sprzedaje i dostarcza: Woblink

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Let me take you to the jungle in Belize.

This is not by any means a safe location.

Sweaty, stifling green hell is around. Anything that flies is trying to get to your blood. Anything that crawls and hisses can get at you. You will learn the secrets of stalking the enemy in a jungle, and the art of survival in extreme conditions where even one minor mistake can cost you life.

Three weeks spent in the wildest place of the Earth effect in losing 15 per cent of your body weight. But they are also your gateway to the world of GROM, Polish Special Forces unit.

O Autorze/About the author:

Naval served in GROM for fourteen years as the operator of the combat unit. Most of his time in the unit he spent on foreign missions. He was decorated with highest combat medals awarded in Poland for personal valour accomplished abroad, including the Knight’s Cross of the Military Cross, granted for outstanding military merits, and the Commander’s Cross of the Military Cross, granted for most outstanding valour with risking one’s life. He also has the Grom Gold Badge, which is most honoured by the GROM personnel.

While serving in GROM Naval wrote and defended his MA thesis on special forces. He came a long way to get to GROM: he was a soldier of the First Special Regiment and he served in Lebanon a United Nation peacekeeping mission. In 2012 his name became public because of the Medal of Honor. Warfighter PC game. One of the two characters of GROM soldiers (which can be an avatar of the player) was modelled after Naval.

After demobbing he began to support with his knowledge and experience charity and non-governmental organisations, including Polish Humanitarian Action, and uniformed services. He is involved in social commitment (he does voluntary work for the Warsaw Uprising Museum) and runs his own company – Naval Polska. He is committed to physical activities, participating in extreme obstacle course racing like RUnmageddon, and in ultra log races of even 100 miles.

He is the autor of several books about his memories from his service in GROM: Surviving Belize (original title: Przetrwać Belize), Last on the Bandwagon (original title: Ostatnich gryzą psy), The Bay (original title: Zatoka), Camp Pozzi. His most recent book, Guys from Mars (original title: Chłopaki z Marsa), was written to to honour the memory of his fellow soldiers in GROM. Being committed to physical activities, he also wrote Extreme Training Guide (original title: Ekstremalnie. Poradnik treningowy).

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Surviving Belize

Surviving Belize


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