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The Million Dollar Suitcase ebook

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Present-day San Francisco in a good detective story „The Million Dollar Suitcase” (1922). Jeremiah „Jerry” Boyne, head of the Bankers’ Security Agency is hired to investigate the mysterious theft – from inside a bank – of a suitcase filled with nearly a million dollars in cash. Turns out to be a high spirited man with extraordinary powers of observation and logical deduction from observed facts. The case involves not one, but two locked room mysteries and a murder disguised as a suicide. Rapid action; tense excitement; nicely plotted; satisfying romance – „one of the best of this season’s crop of puzzle yarns”. American writers Alice L. MacGowan and Perry Newberry takes you on a chase around familiar and fictional areas of California and keeps you wondering all the way to the end.

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The Million Dollar Suitcase

The Million Dollar Suitcase

Alice MacGowan, Perry Newberry,

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