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Those Folk of Bulboro (ebook)

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An Edgar Wallace detective thriller novel. The plot revolves around the nephew of a small town English doctor who takes over his uncle’s practice and runs into trouble with a religious fanatic. This book is in a new vein for Edgar Wallace, for it is not a story of mystery but a real novel, and goes to show where his versatility could take him if he wished, for „Those Folk of Bulboro” proves him to be the possessor of all the requisite gifts which go to make the really popular novelist against the writer of detective fiction. He has always been noted for his ability to sketch character vividly in a few strokes, and here his touch is as sure as ever, and the story he tells is sympathetic, true to life and deeply interesting.

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    • Those Folk of Bulboro


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Those Folk of Bulboro

Those Folk of Bulboro


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