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Marie Corelli

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    okładka Vendetta!, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    Count Fabio Romani, whom everyone considers one of the victims of the cholera epidemic that raged in Naples at the end of the 19th century, „rises from the dead”... However, when he returns home, he realizes with horror: no one is waiting for him there... The beautiful wife Nina and Guido’s best friend, who has been in a secret relationship for a long time, is planning a wedding and counting the days until the end of mourning.

    okładka Ziska, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    Cairo is a city where European aristocrats come in winter to relax and admire the monuments of a great ancient civilization. And in the new season, the fabulously rich and mysterious beauty Princess Ziska becomes the main topic of all conversations. She doesn’t seem to have a past. Her eccentric antics shock society. Her knowledge of the history of Ancient Egypt delights even scientists. She is surrounded by a crowd of fans, but nevertheless does not get close to anyone....

    okładka The Master-Christian, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    Marie’s skill lies in her powers of observation. She sees how men behave with women, how the rich behave with the poor, how power is based on political machinations, how actors bow to virtuous people, how easily every person dissolves gossip and ruins lives. How easily a man turns into a murderer, how genius is diminished if a woman possesses it.

    okładka The Secret Power, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    Morgana Royal is a beautiful, rich female fairy, endowed with a powerful mind, has a personal flying ship, communicates wirelessly with representatives of a superior race and reveals the secret of eternal life. But the wild beauty Manella becomes her rival in the fight for the heart of a selfish scientist who dreams of subduing the whole world with his destructive discovery.

    okładka Thelma, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    A love story written by someone who was touched by the beautiful scenery of Norway, as evidenced by the detailed descriptions of the place. It’s very fast paced, and while you’re afraid of a tragic end, it’s not like that at all. It folds magically and you put the book down with a sigh, thoughtful, as love stories always do.

    okładka Treasure of Heaven, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    A well-written book by Marie Corelli detailing the life of millionaire David Helmsley, who gave up his wealth to live as a drifter and found his inner self in a small village in Somerset. The author shows that the acquisition of wealth does not bring satisfaction, and in a simple life you can get joy.

    okładka Temporal Power, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    This book depicts the machinations and problems concerning the royal family and politicians in power in fictional England. A revolutionary conspiracy gathers momentum in an imaginary country ruled by an unpopular monarch, but it is eventually revealed that a surprising figure is the driving force behind the movement.

    okładka Life Everlasting, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    The heroine of this story accompanies a recovering man and his sick daughter on a yacht trip to Scotland, where she discovers her soul mate and changes her life forever. At the beginning of the story, she is full of life, but does not tolerate her limited and ignorant owners. A chance encounter with a mysterious man sailing on an even more mysterious yacht triggers a past life awakening that sets off a visionary quest to find the true meaning of love, life and death.

    okładka Innocent, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    This is the story of a young woman from England at the turn of the 20th century who learns the truth about her parents, and this knowledge sets her life on a path she is not ready for and those around her are powerless to stop.

    okładka God’s Good Man, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    The plot takes place in England. Pastor John Walden, a forty-year-old „man of worship”, is presented as having a cheerful, optimistic personality, athletic build, and strong character. He owns one of the smallest „living quarters” in England, an old relic from a medieval church. The ending is unpredictable and keeps you in suspense until the last words.

    okładka A Romance of Two Worlds, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    The main character, who is fond of music, being under the heavy pressure of a creative crisis, goes on a journey with her friends to improve her mental and physical health. There she meets an artist who once also became very discouraged, but who was lucky enough to be treated by a mysterious healer with fantastic abilities. In the midst of an ignorant society, a rumor has already been very successfully circulating about the doctor, as if he communicates with evil spirits, whi...

    okładka Ardath, Ebook | Marie Corelli

    Theos Olwyn, a poet and a lost man, travels to a secluded monastery in search of a man who can take his soul. He finds him in Heliobas, a seer who has given up his parlor sessions for the sake of isolation and worship of God. A night of thinking and talking leads to Alwyn writing an epic poem for free, which he packages and mails to his publisher. He also meets an angel named Edris who tells him to look for Ardat.

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