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Mary Cholmondeley

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    okładka Votes for Men, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    ‟Votes for Men” by Mary Cholmondeley, a tribute to the famous suffragist play „Votes for Women”. It begins with „in two hundred years, maybe less,” which tells you everything you need to know about this suffrage era suffrage allegory.

    okładka The Lowest Rung, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    This book focuses on the social exclusion and marginalization of respectable women in the context of their response to risk. Of the four stories included in the collection, three deal with crime, deviance, or both.

    okładka The Romance of His Life, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    There are eight unrelated shorts in this book. The author tells us about the cottage she lives in and the memorable experience she had during the war.

    okładka The Stars in Their Courses, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    Gertrude was a great astrologer and spoke in astrological terms. She told the protagonist (after the wedding) that when she discovered that Jimmy’s moon in the house of marriage was in a semi-sextile with her Venus, she knew from the very beginning that their union was inevitable. The stars are rarely wrong.

    okładka The Danvers Jewels, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    This is a funny story told by a guy who returned from India and was entrusted with delivering jewelry to a family in England. This guy is not very smart, completely unaware and remains so throughout the story.

    okładka The Dark Cottage, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    The old man on the bed stirred uneasily, and his white beard twitched. His wide-open eyes looked at his son with a blank look, as Michael had looked at him all his life. With a slightly trembling hand, Serena poured a few drops into a spoon and pressed them into her half-open lips.

    okładka The End of the Dream, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    The author draws attention to the catastrophe of the future – the destruction of the world as a result of careless and deliberate poisoning by human beings of the atmosphere, earth, seas and rivers, and, finally, the human race itself. This book depicts a terrible future in which poisonous chemicals contribute to the eventual death of humanity.

    okładka The Ghost of a Chance, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    The large, sumptuous room, with its dim oriental rugs and subdued lighting, a fine set of Indian paintings, and two exquisite rose-red lacquered cabinets, had great charm. The main character has just returned from China. Huge packing boxes, stacked one above the other in the hall, were no doubt full of wonderful acquisitions, china, embroideries, carpets. But he didn’t seem to want to unpack them.

    okładka The Goldfish, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    This was the main character’s first professional visit to the Robinsons. Arthur Robinson had a bronchial coryza. He seemed – like most selfish people – very much in need of a listener, and he poured out his views on art and the form his own message to the world was likely to take.

    okładka Sir Charles Danvers, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    The writer shows us her society and shows that it doesn’t matter what stage you are on; at each level there are decent, kind people and, on the contrary, stupid, cruel ones.

    okładka Red Pottage, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    This is the story of two friends Esther and Rachel who have known each other since childhood and see each other as a kindred spirit. They are both smart, moral and modern in the sense that they want their lives to have meaning. They communicate with each other and with a few good like-minded friends. They have to endure the stupidity and superficiality of others, some of whom are members of their own family.

    okładka Notwithstanding, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    The story begins with Annette Georges choosing between two evil destinies. She is rescued by a kind woman who looks after her until she can live with her aunts in a village in „little England” along with a vicar and afternoon tea. There she meets and befriends various people, and her past seems to have some bearing on the lives of those she befriends.

    okładka Prisoners, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    In this magnificent novel, love and death intertwine and dissolve into each other. But the characters are the perfect product of the best Victorian literature.

    okładka Let Loose, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    A tale of the sinister afterlife of Sir Robert Depard, a local magnate who lived a dissolute life in Yorkshire. The story is told by an unnamed gentleman who travels around Holland with his brother-in-law (Mr Blake) to study architecture. The gentleman wonders why Mr. Blake never takes off his high collar around his neck.

    okładka Moth and Rust, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    The author gives a satirical view of village life, which is so present in the work of her famous predecessors. The moral here may well be that swearing to keep someone else’s secret safe is the best way to destroy your own future.

    okładka Her Murderer, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    A mysterious story of a murder, which, by the name, makes it clear that in tension the plot will hold on to the end. A phrase that makes you immediately pay attention to a sharp plot: „I could not be really happy with a husband whose hands were red with gore”.

    okładka In Praise of a Suffolk Cottage, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    Most of the stories were written in a cottage in Suffolk. Everyone now has a so-called cottage. This is a story about how a seemingly simple cottage won the heart of the protagonist and it happened for a reason.

    okładka Devotee, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    Mr. Gresley, the dim-witted and self-confident priest who was destined to be largely responsible for the novel’s runaway success, first appeared, accompanied by his adoring wife, in the short novel Devotee.

    okładka Diana Tempest, Ebook | Mary Cholmondeley

    The Tempest family estate was long-standing, extremely wealthy, and passed from father to son through many generations; but complications arose in the late nineteenth century. These complications, and what they led to, are set forth in this marvelous tale, which has elements of the sensational novel and elements of the „new women’s romance” mixed with a touch of family saga and romance.

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