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Rex Beach

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    okładka The Spoilers, Ebook | Rex Beach

    The protagonist is Roy Glenister, a young and ambitious man who has been exploring for three years with his partner, an elderly man named Dextri. Their Midas mine is one of the richest in the area. Returning by boat from Seattle, where they spent the winter, they learn that their lawsuit is being contested in court, and until the lawsuit is settled, Midas is under the control of lawyer Alec McNamara.

    okładka The Iron Trail, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Beach is at his best as an action adventure writer. You can feel the chill of the northwest glaciers and shudder at the threats of nature and unscrupulous people. Along with the „man vs. nature” plot, there’s a tender romance off the beaten path.

    okładka The Ne’er-Do-Well, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Father often asked Kirk Anthony to do a real job. But Anthony, despite almost idolizing his strong, successful father, just can’t stop having a good time with his father’s money. He goes to fancy dinners, drives the latest cars, and treats his friends to sumptuous meals. Then a man steps in trying to get away from the law. At dinner, he persuades one of Anthony’s drunken friends to „play a terrible joke on him.”

    okładka The Crimson Gardenia, Ebook | Rex Beach

    The royal yacht dropped anchor to the roar of the cannons, and the king went ashore. The city was hung with flags; a thousand whistles sounded. Up the garlanded streets, His Majesty was led between long lines of blue-coated officers, followed by an impatient crowd for miles after miles.

    okładka The Auction Block, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Lorelei Knight’s parents want to get rich on her beauty. They send her to New York to be on a „girl show”. Bob Wharton, the dissolute son of a millionaire, falls in love with a girl. When Lorelei finds out her father is ill and needs money, she marries Bob even though she doesn’t love him. Bob’s father cuts his allowance and Bob is forced to go to work.

    okładka The Barrier, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Many men were indebted to the trader in Flambeau, and many considered him a friend. The latter never explained why, other than that he did them a favor, and in the North that matters a lot.

    okładka North of Fifty-Three, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Rex Beach is an American writer, playwright, and Olympic water polo champion. Big George was drinking and the little Arctic mining camp was paralyzed. He was central to the North Club.

    okładka Pardners, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Almost all old quotes need to be corrected,” Joyce said in a tone that forbids arguing. „For example, the guy who mentioned marriages being made in heaven was definitely wrong. He meant partnerships. The same jobs don’t work for both, no more than you can build a stopwatch in a fraction of a second.

    okładka Rainbow’s End, Ebook | Rex Beach

    The author wrote an adventure western about a time in the West when most young men who were old enough to ride went to East Texas to join Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders to help during the invasion of Cuba. They will rise to glory and return as heroes.

    okładka Laughing Bill Hyde, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Mr. William Hyde was released from Deer Lodge Jail by a different person. Of course, these results were balanced by the benefits of three years of corrective discipline at the expense of the state; the ability to talk through stone walls.

    okładka Jaragu of the Jungle, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Jaragu, a boy from the jungle, was surprised in his life when a giant bird, making a loud buzzing sound, descended on a beach in Central America and froze as if it had been killed, but something similar to a person crawled out of it..

    okładka Going Some, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Four cowboys leaned over the barbed-wire fence that marked the dividing line between the Centipede Ranch and their own, gazing mournfully into a summer night that only distant southwestern countries know. The great yellow stars hung thick and low, so low that it seemed as if an outstretched hand might rip them off, and the silent air swept over the thousands of open miles of land lying fresh and fragrant under the velvety darkness.

    okładka Heart of the Sunset, Ebook | Rex Beach

    She was a brave young woman, born in the desert, alone, lost in the suffocating heat of the South Texas desert, with a sore throat from the drought. Elair Austin staggered to a watering hole she knew existed. And with him, she will find Texas Ranger David Lowe. She had no idea that this chance encounter at the only watering hole in fifty square miles of scorched desert would be the beginning of the greatest adventure of her life.

    okładka Flowing Gold, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Calvin Gray is a swindler who won immediate sympathy from readers. It’s sleek, stylish, smart and full of life. However, the best thing about him is that he is sincere, noble and always on the right side of the law.

    okładka Big Brother and Other Stories, Ebook | Rex Beach

    This is a simple and sweet book. A story about a little sister who doesn’t like being teased by her older brother. But one day she starts to notice that it’s just a tease and she doesn’t give him the power to upset her. He gets bored and joins in her fun.

    okładka The Silver Horde, Ebook | Rex Beach

    A former American football star, Boyd Emerson has failed in several businesses. He did all this in order to get the hand of his rich lover, but failure seems to haunt him at every turn. Now he is trying his hand at salmon fishing in Alaska.

    okładka The Winds of Chance, Ebook | Rex Beach

    Young Pierce Phillips, green, naive, opinionated and with little money, ends up in Daya, Alaska. Soon he is separated from the money by eloquent players. Now penniless, hungry and unable to reach the Klondike, he is forced to take a job delivering supplies to other would-be prospectors across the perilous Chilkoot Pass.

    okładka The Net, Ebook | Rex Beach

    American Norvin Blake travels to the island of Sicily to attend the wedding of his good friend, Count Martel Savigno. However, the mafia appears in the story, which leads to tragic events on the night before the wedding. The main character has to find out who ordered the killer.

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