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William Harrison Ainsworth

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    okładka The Spectre Bride, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    This is a gothic classic. Very atmospheric. This amazing and attractive story, written in the highest times of our Faustian civilization, the majestic poetics of romanticism, and today, in these godforsaken times of fate and despair, shines with mysterious darkness.

    okładka The Star-Chamber, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    It is a good gothic thriller. Sir Giles Mompesson is a gloomy and all-powerful villain who sows destruction and suffering with the help of the Star Chamber court, it seems, just like that.

    okładka Windsor Castle, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    A classic historical novel set in and around Windsor Castle during the time of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Historical events are sharply aggravated by the appearance of the forest demon Hern the Hunter.

    okładka The Old London Merchant, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    At that festival time, when the days are the shortest and the nights the longest, and when, therefore, it is the invariable practice of all intelligent men to turn night into day; when the ratio of business and pleasure is clearly in favor of the latter; when a magnificent carnival is held in London, and everything testifies to the predominance and influence of good humor.

    okładka The Lancashire Witches, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    The novel is based on the true story of the Pendle Witches, who were executed in 1612 for causing harm with witchcraft. Witches lived in the Pendley Hill area of Lancashire. This story will keep you in suspense until the very end.

    okładka The Leaguer of Lathom, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    This book is about the civil war in Lancashire. Like any war, this story cannot but leave impressions after itself. You will be immersed in history and characters.

    okładka The Miser’s Daughter, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    Randulph Crewe is an unusual name for a young hero. Hilda Scarve is the daughter of a titled miser. The denouement of the plot hinges on the making of wills and inheritance of property, and there is a secret love affair (between Randulph’s uncle and Hilda’s mother) that comes from the past.

    okładka Old Saint Paul’s, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    This is a historical novel describing the events of the Great Plague in London and the Great Fire of London. The protagonist is Leonard Holt, apprentice of our grocer Stephen Blundel, he is madly in love with the grocer’s daughter Annabelle, who is not madly in love with him, she is madly in love with Lord Rochester.

    okładka Ovingdean Grange, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    A historical romance with a lot of local flavor. The action takes place in the South Downs, England. Everything revolves around the Civil War.

    okładka Preston Fight, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    This is a historical novel. The story revolves around the Jacobite rising and the invasion of Preston. The book is considered one of the author’s Lancashire novels.

    okładka Rookwood, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    A typical gothic fantasy, Rookwood is a good read if you can stomach the songs, poetry, and flowery language. It features underground vaults, mummified corpses falling out of tombs, paranormal summonses, girls in great distress, a sinister gypsy old woman, adultery, death by lightning, and macabre prophecies.

    okładka Jack Sheppard, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    Set in the eighteenth century, the novel is a retelling of the story of real-life criminal turned tragic anti-hero Jack Sheppard. The sensational melodrama tells about the life of the eponymous anti-hero.

    okładka Guy Fawkes, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    Guy Fawkes, a prominent figure in the history of England, was one of the leaders in the Gunpowder Plot, whose goal was to overthrow King James I, the Protestant king of England. The plan failed, and Fox and his accomplices were executed in front of the public.

    okładka Boscobel, or, The Royal Oak, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    The novel clearly includes a huge amount of historical research. And then there is the geography associated with it – Charles always stops in the middle of his flight to admire this or that beautiful prospect. The author also gives us the latest news about what happened to all these places. The author uses Boscobel as a guide to follow Charles’ steps.

    okładka A Night’s Adventure in Rome, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    For a person unaccustomed to the imposing religious ceremonies of the Catholic Church, it was a delightful sight to observe all the pomp and splendor displayed at this high celebration. The papal choir now and then sang the melodic masses characteristic of worship, and hundreds of centers spread all-consuming spirits around.

    okładka Auriol, Ebook | William Harrison Ainsworth

    The action is completely framed as a fantasy. In this story, the atmosphere of the imprisonment of a madman (and possible recovery) and a villain, the story of his keeper, is completed.

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