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The 6:20 Man wer. angielska David Baldacci książka

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Sprzedaje i dostarcza: SIW Znak

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A bestselling Richard & Judy Book Club pick, The 6:20 Man is a heart-racing thriller with an incredible ending, set in the world of high finance in New York, from the number one bestselling author David Baldacci. It's time to catch a killer . .

. Having survived combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and been decorated with medals, Travis Devine leaves the army in mysterious circumstances, under a cloud of suspicion. And at thirty-two years old, he’s swapping fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda for a different kind of danger in the cut-throat world of high finance.

His daily commute on the 6:20 a.m. train into New York’s financial district, to his new job as an analyst at the powerhouse investment bank Cowl and Comely, takes him into a world where greed, power, jealousy and ambition result in the financial abuse of the masses and the enrichment of an elite few. When a close friend of Devine’s is found dead, the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death at Cowl and Comely compel him to investigate further.

As he digs deeper, he discovers strange coincidences and unnerving truths. As the deaths pile up, and the major players show their hands, he must question who he can trust – and who he must fight . .

. The action continues in The Edge, the second Travis Devine thriller from David Baldacci.

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David Baldacci

David Baldacci to amerykański prawnik i pisarz. Literacką sławę zdobył swoim debiutanckim thrillerem „Władza absolutna”, który został sprzedany w nakładzie ponad dwóch milionów egzemplarzy na całym świecie, a także doczekał się...

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The 6:20 Man wer. angielska

The 6:20 Man wer. angielska

David Baldacci,

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