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    okładka Amerykanin, Ebook | Henry James

    Amerykański biznesmen Christopher Newman odbywa podróż po Europie. We Francji poznaje młodą wdowę Claire de Bellegarde, zakochuje się w niej i zamierza ją poślubić. Jest pewny swego, w końcu reprezentuje wysoką warstwę amerykańskiego społeczeństwa. A jednak jego maniery nie odpowiadają arystokratycznej paryskiej rodzinie wybranki jego serca. Po odrzuceniu oświadczyn rozgoryczony i upokorzony Christopher staje przed poważnym dylematem. Mężczyzna poznał tajemnicę rodziny de Bel...

    okładka Godziny włoskie, Ebook | Henry James

    „Godziny włoskie” to godziny błogosławione, spędzone na odkrywaniu Włoch, ich klimatu, krajobrazów, scen rodzajowych. Tytuł książki kojarzy się również z „godzinkami”, i rzeczywiście Henry James odmawia coś w rodzaju modlitwy do tego kraju. Na tom składają się szkice pisane na przestrzeni czterdziestu lat. W tym czasie zmieniły się nie tylko Włochy, ale zmienił się także autor tych wyjątkowych zapisków. Jako młodzieniec galopował po Kampanii, a później zmęczony zamawiał butel...

    okładka Washington Square, Ebook | Henry James

    The main character Katherine is a girl who does not differ in anything special, but is at the same time quite an enviable bride, she has a good dowry. And the bridegroom appears on the horizon, love, everything, but the father is against their relationship, because this Maurice squandered all his fortune, and aunt Catherine, on the contrary, for real happiness. The whole book revolves around the relationship between Catherine and Maurice, Maurice and the girl’s father, Cath...

    okładka Roderick Hudson, Ebook | Henry James

    Roderick Hudson is the first novel by Henry James. Although Roderick was a poor man, but he had a great talent, about which he was not even aware. In the afternoon, he was an ordinary student, and after university he was an outstanding sculptor. One day, by a happy coincidence, he meets the wealthy connoisseur of Rowland Mullet, a man who recognizes his genius and becomes his mentor.

    okładka Italian Hours, Ebook | Henry James

    The Italian Watch is a book of travel writing by Henry James. Everything in the book indicates that James enjoyed this luxury to its fullest. Throughout the book, he is constantly returning to the beauty and delights of Italian life, despite being too often significant shortcomings. Venice and Rome are undergoing the most extensive treatment.

    okładka The Spoils of Poynton, Ebook | Henry James

    Mrs. Gareth has been collecting works of art in her Pointon manor all her life, and now, after her husband’s death, she must, according to English customs, hand over the manor to her son Owen. The trouble is that the limp Owen is under the influence of his bride, Mona Brixton, who dreams of taking up Poynton’s hands and closing access for Mrs Goret forever. And Mrs. Gareth decides to fight for her treasures.

    okładka The Sacred Fount, Ebook | Henry James

    The book is about history, but not the one that is written in dry letters in the textbook, but the one into which the time machine takes you and lets you live the days, months in the body of another person, a contemporary of the time you are reading about. It is about religion, but not about what they preach in churches, without the right to question, but about its origins, causes, development, problems, transformation over time, our perception of it in the modern world, as...

    okładka The Finer Grain, Ebook | Henry James

    The Finer Grain – a collection of small stories. The „A Round of Visits” is a thoughtful tragedy that triggered the opening of „Watch and Trusteeship”. The Bench of Desolation, located in an English seaside town, is a touching story of reconciliation after some very offensive and bitter misunderstandings.

    okładka The Bostonians, Ebook | Henry James

    The action revolves around three characters: a young and beautiful maiden who travels around America with fiery speeches about the importance of women; her mentor, a lonely and cold lady who despises the whole male race. Different ideals are presented by the rivalry of Olive Chancellor and her cousin Basel Ransom for influencing the young girl Vera Tarrant, who has a strong oratorical gift. The social plan of this novel is concluded in the struggle of the conservative views...

    okładka A Passionate Pilgrim, Ebook | Henry James

    The narrator meets the American Clement Searle in a London hotel. Searle had long wanted to move to England, to run away from the routine of his life. However, he is physically ill and depressed because his lawyer cannot support his claim for a share in the out-of-town property currently owned by Richard Searle. The narrator and the main character are trying to solve this problem.

    okładka The Tragic Muse, Ebook | Henry James

    The Tragic Muse is dedicated to the conflict between the artist and society. Painter Nick Dormer suffers because he does not find recognition, actress Miriam Ruth, in the name of success, makes compromises with his conscience, understanding what the rich audience expects of her. However, the greatest success of this work was the image of Gabriel Nash.

    okładka The Real Thing and Other Tales, Ebook | Henry James

    The main character, an aspiring artist, hires a faded noble couple, Monarchs, as models after they have lost most of their money and need to find some kind of work. They are „real” in the sense that they are beautifully of the aristocratic type, but they turn out to be inappropriate for the artist’s work. The artist must finally get rid of the monarchs, especially after his friend and colleague, artist Jack Hawley, criticized the work in which monarchs are represented....

    okładka The Aspern Papers, Ebook | Henry James

    ”The Aspern Papers” is one of the masterpieces of the writer’s „small” prose, the plots of which are based on the collision of European and American cultural consciousness, the „point of view” of an individual and social stereotypes, the „book” perception of the world and individual experience. The tragicomic search by the hapless biographer of the lost letters of the great poet is the conflict of this story.

    okładka Some Short Stories, Ebook | Henry James

    Some Stories by Henry James is a small collection of tales. The best story is considered „Brooksmith”, about a butler who descends into the depths when the master dies, whom he apparently forced to serve. After that, „The Real Thing” is published about an emaciated couple desperately trying to find a way to make a living.

    okładka The Europeans, Ebook | Henry James

    In the hope of a successful marriage, Eugene, Baroness Münster, and her younger brother, the artist Felix, descendants of Wentworth, come to Boston. Having settled in the neighborhood, they become close friends with the young Wentworths – Gertrude, Charlotte and Clifford. Witness and sophistication of Eugene, along with the cheerfulness of Felix create a difficult combination with Puritan morality, frugality and the intrinsic dignity of Americans.

    okładka The Beast in the Jungle, Ebook | Henry James

    At the reception in the rich manor there are not the first youth mister and also not a young lady anymore. Both belong to the same circle of birth, but the financial affairs of a man are in somewhat better condition. It all seems to him that he is meant for something great and terrible that will destroy his own life and the lives of loved ones – like a sudden fit of madness or, yes, how many anything can be options. It is like seeing yourself as a thicket in which the beast...

    okładka What Maisie Knew, Ebook | Henry James

    The young heroine matures through her perception of family problems. The aristocratic family fell apart: the parents decided to live separately, but Macy does not agree with this. The girl is looking for a way to reunite her mom and dad...

    okładka The Awkward Age, Ebook | Henry James

    The Aawkward age nonetheless analyzes the English character with great subtlety. The Awkward Age, which is highly praised for its natural dialogue and the subtlety of the sensation that it conveys, illustrates Conrad’s remark that James never dwells in deep darkness or in strong sunlight. But he feels deep and bright every gentle shade.

    okładka The American, Ebook | Henry James

    The story of a glorious American who, through hard work, made a fortune and went to learn how to relax and laze in the open spaces of the Old World. In particular, he came to Paris, and this city, as is known, is a rather romantic place, according to the public. And, ironically, the practical Newman in this city was smitten by a certain widowed Madame de Center.

    okładka The Reverberator, Ebook | Henry James

    The Reverberator is a short novel from Henry James. Comedy traces the complications. which leads when unpleasant, but true stories about Paris family fall into the American scandal sheet of the name of the novel. George Flack is a Paris correspondent for the American sheet scandal called reverberator.

    okładka The Author of Beltraffio, Ebook | Henry James

    In this story, a mother allows her only child, a seven-year-old boy, to die of diphtheria only so that he will never be subjected to the corrupting influence of the books written by his father, which she deeply condemns. Anyone who imagines motherly love and at least once saw the torment of a child restlessly darting in his crib, fighting for every breath, would never have invented such a monstrous story. The French call it litt’erature. By this word they denote works creat...

    okładka The Wings of the Dove, Ebook | Henry James

    The novel is complicated, it’s true. Long, ornate sentences, philosophical speculations of the characters, complex in their structure and further awareness of the phrase.. but.. this and not only the novel represents the uniqueness and sophistication. Restrained and at the same time shocking, harmonious and scary real. Did you know that among the higher aristocracy there are wolves in sheep’s clothing?

    okładka Lady Barbarina and Other Tales, Ebook | Henry James

    Isabel, the main character of the story, knows the charm of marriage with a worthless person. Her fate – the confluence of fatal circumstances. Being a dowry and finding herself in Europe, she refuses to be quite worthy applicants for a hand, and having received a fortune, connects life with the rogue Osmond.

    okładka The Portrait of a Lady, Ebook | Henry James

    Isabel, the main character of the story, knows the charm of marriage with a worthless person. Her fate – the confluence of fatal circumstances. Being a dowry and finding herself in Europe, she refuses to quite worthy applicants for a hand, and having received a fortune, she links life with the rogue Osmond, who married her only to provide a bastard daughter, Pansy, born of a courtesan, a decent existence. Illusions are crumbling, there is no hope for happiness, but Isabelle...

Czym są ebooki?

Ebooki to książki, których treść została zapisana w formie elektronicznej. Są nazywane również e-książkami, publikacjami elektronicznymi czy książkami elektronicznymi. Ebooki można odczytywać na komputerach i laptopach, ale są one przeznaczone głównie do czytania na urządzeniach przenośnych takich jak smartfony, tablety i przede wszystkim czytniki książek elektronicznych. Ebooki posiadające swoje pierwowzory w formie papierowej są jej odwzorowaniem. Posiadają wszystkie elementy obecne w „tradycyjnej” wersji, takie jak okładkę, ilustracje, spis treści, przypisy itp.

Niepodważalną zaletą ebooków jest to, że w odróżnieniu od drukowanej książki można w nich zmieniać rodzaj oraz wielkość czcionki, formatować tekst, a w zależności od posiadanego czytnika istnieje też możliwość wyszukiwania pojedynczych słów w tekście, dodawania zakładek i robienia notatek.

Formaty ebooków

Ebooki są dostępne w wielu formatach. Najpopularniejsze z nich, będące standardem dla publikacji elektronicznych, to EPUB, MOBI i PDF.


To nowoczesny format będący standardem publikacji ebooków. Format EPUB umożliwia zmienianie wielkości fontu, co pomaga dopasować jego rozmiar do ekranu. Ebooki w tym formacie najlepiej odczytywać na urządzeniach posiadających ekran eINK (elektroniczny papier), chociaż można je odczytać także na smartfonie czy tablecie. Format EPUB jest możliwy do odczytania na komputerze, jednak do tego celu konieczne jest zainstalowanie właściwego oprogramowania.


Jest formatem ebooków wykorzystywanym przez czytniki firmy Amazon – Kindle (oraz na innych urządzeniach i programach dostępnych na rynku). Publikacje MOBI są zapisane w formacie Mobipocket, można więc pobrać je na dowolny sprzęt elektroniczny posiadający oprogramowanie umożliwiające odczytanie plików MOBI. Format ten jest oparty na języku HTML, dlatego jego wyświetlanie jest możliwe na urządzeniach mobilnych.


To format zapewniający taki sam wygląd strony jak w wersji papierowej – w tym formacie podział na strony jest sztywny. PDF służy do długoterminowego archiwizowania elektronicznych danych i może być odczytywany na większości komputerów, laptopów, smartfonów, czytników czy tabletów.