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okładka The Bostonians ebook | epub, mobi | Henry James

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The Bostonians A Novel ebook

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The action revolves around three characters: a young and beautiful maiden who travels around America with fiery speeches about the importance of women; her mentor, a lonely and cold lady who despises the whole male race. Different ideals are presented by the rivalry of Olive Chancellor and her cousin Basel Ransom for influencing the young girl Vera Tarrant, who has a strong oratorical gift. The social plan of this novel is concluded in the struggle of the conservative views of the southerner Ransom with the irreconcilable supporter and active participant in the movement for women’s emancipation. Olive found in her young protege a strong instrument of influencing public opinion through her oratorical abilities.

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    • The Bostonians


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The Bostonians

The Bostonians

Henry James,

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