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    okładka Jane eyre Step 5, Audiobook | Charlotte Bronte

    Plain orphaned Jane Eyre lives unwanted with her aunt and cousins until she is sent away to school. There, hungry and humiliated, she grows and studies. When Jane leaves school to work as a governess at the aristocratic Thornfield Manor owned by the intriguing Mr Rochester, she finally finds some happiness. But some strange events are signals that the mysterious past of Mr Rochester's is about to return.

    okładka Magical Tales from the South Seas, Audiobook | Robert Louis Stevenson

    Set in the lush paradise of the South Seas, Stevenson tells his tales of magic and spirits, where incredible things can happen. In The Isle of Voices meet Kalamake, the wizard of Molokai, Hawaii, who transforms seashells into dollars! Find out what happens to Keola, who is brutally tricked by Kalamake and escapes to a deserted island, only to find cannibals... The Beach of Falesà is a thrilling tale of taboos, treachery, devils, island magic and two people who find love. Good...

    okładka Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories, Audiobook | Oscar Wilde

    At Lady Windermere’s party a famous palm reader predicts that Lord Arthur Savile will commit a murder. Will the handsome young nobleman become an assassin or will he marry Sybil, his beautiful fiancée?
    Read about Lady Alroy’s mysterious ways in ‘The Sphinx without a Secret’ and how it pays to be nice to beggars in ‘The Model Millionaire’.

    okładka Jane Eyre Step 3, Audiobook | Charlotte Bronte

    Jane Eyre, a penniless and unattractive orphan, becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall and falls in love with Edward Rochester, the guardian of her ward. But she soon discovers that he is hiding a terrible secret…

    okładka Jack the ripper, Audiobook | Foreman Peter

    Since the autumn of 1888, when he terrorised London, Jack the Ripper has become famous all over the world. How did he escape justice? And who was he? There have been hundreds of suspects and theories but nobody has yet discovered his identity. Jack the Ripper takes you back to the dark streets of Victorian London, to investigate the crimes, examine the theories, and meet the people who played their part in the drama. Here is the full story of the most mysterious killer in the...

    okładka Lord Jim, Audiobook | Joseph Conrad

    Klasyka literatury światowej dla zaawansowanych w wykonaniu native speakerów Jim is a young British officer on the passenger ship Patna. During an accident at sea in the Indian Ocean, Jim follows the captain and abandons the sinking ship and its passengers. Jim must face a court trial for this act of cowardice, which will torment him all his life. At the trial Jim meets Marlow, an older sea captain, who helps him find work. But Jim is always restless. He moves to Malaysia w...

    okładka Kidnapped, Audiobook | Robert Louis Stevenson

    When his father dies, David Balfour discovers he has inherited the family home near Edinburgh. But his Uncle Ebenezer also wants the house and puts David on a ship to America. The story follows David’s adventures across land and sea as he learns who he can trust. With the help of his new friend, Alan Breck, can David return to Edinburgh and claim what is rightfully his? An exciting adventure story set in the eighteenth century, Kidnapped also tells us much about Scottish hist...

    okładka Hamlet prince of denmark, Audiobook | William Shakespeare

    When the ghost of Hamlet's father reveals the terrible secret of Elsinore, the result is chaos and tragedy for the young Prince of Denmark.
    Will he avenge his father's murder? Is he really mad? Does he love the beautiful Ophelia?

    okładka Gulliver’s Travels, Audiobook | Jonathan Swift

    Lemuel Gulliver tells the story of his fantastic adventures on the island of Lilliput where the people are tiny, and their self-importance laughable; in Brobdingnag where the people are giants and Gulliver is made to feel his own insignificance; in Laputa, the land of futile science; and finally in the land of the Houyhnhnms, where horses are endowed with reason while human beings are not.

    okładka Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Audiobook | Mark Twain

    Meet Huckleberry Finn and embark on an exciting series of adventures down the Mississippi River. Enjoy the ride as Huck ingeniously escapes from the clutches of his cruel father; cleverly stops a couple of villains from stealing a family’s fortune; and enlists the help of his friend Tom Sawyer to save a runaway slave from a terrible fate. The story’s intricate plot and surprise ending are some of the elements that help make Huckleberry Finn an American classic that appeals to...

    okładka Great Mysteries of Our World, Audiobook | EDITRICE CIDEB

    Was Nostradamus really a prophet or were his predictions a mere coincidence? What mystery lies behind the curse of the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh King Tut? Can an exquisite diamond bring death and tragedy to its owners? Does evil really exist and what forms can it take?
    Find out about these strange stories and others, and perhaps you'll be able to solve our world's greatest mysteries!

    okładka Gothic short stories, Audiobook | W. W. Jacobs, Amelia B. Edwards, Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker

    Follow Bram (Dracula ) Stoker as he takes student Malcolm Malcolmson through a terrifying ordeal inside a judge’s house… Travel, if you dare, in a ghostly coach – with three dead men as your fellow passengers. Or visit the deadly House of Usher! But don’t make a wish with the monkey’s paw...

    okładka Fisherman and his soul, Audiobook | EDITRICE CIDEB

    A story on love and friendship by Oscar Wilde. The story is about a fisherman who catches a mermaid. He lets her go because she promises to help him fish. Each day the mermaid appears and sings her song, so he falls in love with her! However, she cannot marry him until he has lost his human soul.

    okładka Famous British Criminals, Audiobook | EDITRICE CIDEB

    Enjoy reading about some of the most famous British criminals: Jonathan Wild, prince of robbers; Dick Turpin, horse-stealer and murderer; John Gow, pirate; John Sheppard, highwayman. Discover an unbelievable world of adventure through their daring actions and remarkable timing!

    okładka Emma, Audiobook | Jane Austen

    Audiobook z oryginalną wersją powieści do nauki języka angielskiego Emma Woodhouse, piękna, mądra i bogata wiedzie wprost idealne życie. Postanawia nigdy nie wychodzić za mąż i żyć spokojnie w pięknie położonej posiadłości swojego ojca. Jej ulubionym zajęciem jest swatanie innych, lecz gdy chce znaleźć wybrankę serca dla przystojnego wdowca, jej plany nieoczekiwanie się gmatwają... Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever and rich, has a perfect life. She has decided never to get ...

    okładka A Dream Come True, Audiobook | Andrea M. Hutchinson

    Ellie is mad about music: she dreams of becoming a singer and she desperately wants to go to the Glastonbury Festival, where her favourite singer, Murphy, will be playing. But with an overprotective Dad and important exams to take, it seems that Ellie’s dreams will have to remain just that, dreams. But one day she sees a competition in a music magazine…

    okładka Dracula, Audiobook | Bram Stoker

    When Jonathan Harker goes to Transylvania to visit Count Dracula on business, he discovers that his client's motives for coming to England are rather more sinister than they first appeared.
    This classic horror story has fascinated readers ever since it came out in 1897.

    okładka Daisy Miller, Audiobook | Henry James

    Daisy Miller is a beautiful, rich American girl. She comes to Europe with her mother and brother to travel and see the sights. In Switzerland she meets Frederick Winterbourne, a young American who has lived in Europe most of his life. He is fascinated and perplexed by Daisy’s flirtatious and unconventional manners…

    okładka Classic Detective Stories, Audiobook | Arthur Conan Doyle

    Sherlock Holmes battles against a criminal organisation in Conan Doyle’s ‘The Five Orange Pips’; in Charles Dickens’ ‘Hunted Down’ a ruthless murderer is brought to justice; in ‘The Stir Outside the Café Royal’ by Clarence Rook an American woman tracks down her fiancé’s killer; and in G. K. Chesterton’s ‘The Oracle of the Dog’ Father Brown solves a difficult murder case.

    okładka Canterville ghost, Audiobook | Oscar Wilde

    When Mr Hiram B. Otis decides to buy Canterville Chase, everyone tells him that he is crazy because the house is haunted by a ghost. And when the American family comes to live there, strange things begin to happen: a bloodstain that changes colour, mysterious noises in the night, a journey to the Garden of Death…

    okładka Around the World in Eighty Days, Audiobook | EDITRICE CIDEB

    In 1872 a rich English gentleman, Phileas Fogg, makes a bet that he can go around the world in 80 days. So along with his French manservant, Passepartout, he sets off on an incredible race against the clock, over land and sea.

    okładka Animal Tales, Audiobook | EDITRICE CIDEB

    Read these amusing stories and you will discover why elephants have trunks, how it’s best to work out the correct price for pigs straight away and what happened to an English lady when she went hunting for a tiger! You will also find a stolen elephant, go boating with three friends and see how much trouble a small dog can make!

    okładka American Horror. Five terrifying tales, Audiobook | Edgar Allan Poe

    Edgar Allan Poe is one of the first masters of modern short stories and modernist poetry. But he is best remembered for his strange style of horror, with characters who cannot be forgotten. A man who drains away his wife’s life to make his painting seem alive; an animal lover who becomes obsessed by a cat; a young man obsessed by an old man’s blue eye; and a man hypnotized just before he dies who then…

    okładka Alien alert in seattle, Audiobook | EDITRICE CIDEB

    There has been a UFO sighting in the Cascade mountains near Seattle, Washington, and everyone is excited. But no one believes there could possibly be an alien in town, until Karen, Barbara and Walter notice that one of the teachers at their high school is behaving very strangely. Karen and her friends start investigating on their own and are very surprised by what they discover...

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