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okładka Fire Over England ebook | epub, mobi | A.E.W. Mason

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Fire Over England ebook

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In 1588, relations between Spain and England are at the breaking point. British sea raiders regularly capture Spanish merchantmen bringing gold from the New World with the support of Queen Elizabeth I. „Fire Over England” is the story of Robin Aubrey, a supposedly orphaned Etonian whose ambition in life is to both serve his queen and avenge his father who fell foul of the „The Spanish Inquisition”. He assembles a small fleet with a view to help fight off the Spanish Armada. However, his apparent free-hand in his own destiny is over-ridden by Elizabeth’s advisor, Walsingham, who targets young Aubrey and sends him off to Spain as a spy for Her Majesty. A fun, romantic spy story full of action and intrigue and set in an interesting period of history.

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    • Fire Over England


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Fire Over England

Fire Over England

A.E.W. Mason,

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