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okładka No Other Tiger ebook | epub, mobi | A.E.W. Mason

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No Other Tiger ebook

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Mr. Mason is here at his best. While working out very deftly an extremely intricate and clever plot, he gives us excellent characterization and a remarkably vivid series of glimpses into different settings and phases of life. Beginning in the opulent lands of India, home of enchantment, color and adventure, the novel „No Other Tiger” becomes a mystery that begins with a tiger hunt across Asia. The story is woven skillfully around the secrets of the East and conjures a glittering history long forgotten. Although it is indeed an oldie, the author achieves all the suspense and bone chilling scenes required of a modern thriller. Give yourselves a treat, and read this short but unforgettable masterpiece.

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    • No Other Tiger


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No Other Tiger

No Other Tiger

A.E.W. Mason,

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