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The Sapphire ebook

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Major Alfred Edward Woodley Mason (7 May 1865 Dulwich, London – 22 November 1948 London) was a British author and politician. He is best remembered for his 1902 novel „The Four Feathers”. His short story „The Sapphire” follows a Sapphire given to a Captain Michael Crowther by his Burmese wife who he is deserting. When he finally decides to return to them he finds them now out of his reach and so he becomes a Buddhist Monk. However, the Sapphire that now adorns a temple is stolen and so begins an adventure to track down the missing gem. Sometimes violence or threatened violence accompanies it. Also, love and adventure followed Sapphire’s trail across half the world...

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    • The Sapphire


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The Sapphire

The Sapphire

A.E.W. Mason,

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