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Sketches of Young Gentlemen (ebook)

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Following the phenomenal popularity of „Sketches by Boz”, Dickens produced two short volumes of „Sketches of Young Gentlemen” and „Sketches Young Couples"’. Dedicated to „The Young Ladies of the United Kingdom of Great Britain” as well as to other young ladies, „Sketches of Young Gentlemen” scrutinizes in a very witty and humorous fashion certain familiar characteristics of Victorian men and women. Indeed, the sketches center around certain social stereotypes developed by the author. Whimsical, satirical, witty and exuberant, the sketches ridicule the behavior of their subjects with perfect comic effect, offering fascinating evidence of a writer learning his craft and refining his style. To modern readers, these sketches reveal a hidden facet of the great Victorian novelist as they give a glimpse of his little-known beginnings. Highly recommended!

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Sketches of Young Gentlemen

Sketches of Young Gentlemen


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