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Tales of Men and Ghosts ebook

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In 1921, Edith Wharton became the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize, earning the award for „The Age of Innocence”. But Wharton also wrote several other novels, as well as poems and short stories that made her not only famous but popular among her contemporaries. „Tales of Men and Ghosts” (1910) consists of ten masterful ghost stories that listed here in chronological order of their original publication dates: „The Bolted Door”, „His Father’s Son”, „The Daunt Diana”, „The Debt”, „Full Circle”, „The Legend”, „The Eyes”, „The Blond Beast”, „Afterward” and „The Letters”. Despite the title, the men outnumber the ghosts, since only „The Eyes” and „Afterward” actually call on the supernatural. In only two of the stories are women the central characters, though elsewhere they play important roles. If you have never read Edith Wharton’s fantasy work before, you will be captivated and delighted.

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Tales of Men and Ghosts

Tales of Men and Ghosts

Edith Wharton,

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