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Small Worlds wer. angielska Nelson CalebAzumah książka

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Sprzedaje i dostarcza: SIW Znak

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Sprzedaje i dostarcza: SIW Znak

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THE TOP TEN SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING NOVELLONGLISTED FOR THE DYLAN THOMAS PRIZE 2024Dancing is the one thing that can solve Stephen's problems. At Church with his family, the shimmer of Black hands raised in praise. With his band, making music speaking not just to their hardships, but their joys.

Grooving with his best friend, so close their heads might touch. Dancing alone to his father's records, uncovering parts of a man he has never truly known. His youth, shame and sacrifice.

Stephen has only ever known himself in song. But what becomes of him when the music fades?Set over the course of three summers, from South London to Ghana and back again, SMALL WORLDS is a novel about the worlds we build for ourselves. The worlds we live, dance and love within.


'Caleb Azumah Nelson's stunning second novel confirms his status as a literary star' Observer'Beautiful, unforgettable and all-consuming' Candice Carty-Williams, author of Queenie'SMALL WORLDS is a book for everyone . . .

an uplifting symphony of a summer read' Times

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Small Worlds wer. angielska

Small Worlds wer. angielska

Nelson CalebAzumah,

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