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    okładka Chińska papuga, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    Mimo upływu lat Aleksander Eden wciąż pamięta, jak w wieku siedemnastu lat pobierał w Honolulu nauki tańca od uroczej dziewczyny imieniem Alicja. Była to córka milionera, czego dowodził sznur błyszczących pereł na jej szyi. Ścieżki tych dwojga rozeszły się na lata, by przeciąć się ponownie, gdy oboje są już więcej niż dojrzałymi ludźmi. Aleksander prowadzi dobrze prosperującą firmę jubilerską, zaś Alicja po śmierci męża popadła w tarapaty finansowe. Mężczyzna pomaga swojej da...

    okładka Za kurtyną, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    W ekskluzywnym wieżowcu niespełna trzydziestoletniego milionera Bary'ego Kirka spotykają się sir Fryderyk Bruce - dymisjonowany detektyw Scotland Yardu oraz Charlie Chan - sierżant policji z Honolulu. Gdy na dwudziestym pierwszym piętrze apartamentowca odbywa się huczne przyjęcie, piętro niżej ktoś morduje Bruce'a. Chan rozpoczyna śledztwo, z którego wynika, że detektyw przybył do San Francisco w związku z prowadzoną przez siebie przed laty sprawą. W 1932 r. na podstawie ksi...

    okładka Chińska papuga, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    Earl Derr Biggers (1884–1933), amerykański pisarz, zyskał uznanie jako autor powieści detektywistycznych. „Chińska papuga” należy do jednej z jego serii powieściowych, w której Biggers wykreował postać detektywa chińskiego pochodzenia Charliego Chana. Charakterystyczny styl pracy śledczego oraz metodyczne podejście do rozwiązywania zagadek kryminalnych zaskarbiły i detektywowi, i autorowi sympatię czytelników. Biggers studiował na Uniwersytecie Harvarda. Zanim został pisarz...

    okładka Dom bez klucza, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    „Dom bez klucza” to pierwsza powieść E.D. Biggersa z cyklu o Charliem Chanie. Detektyw Chan musi rozwiązać zagadkę tajemniczego morderstwa Dana Winterslipa, niepokornego bostończyka mieszkającego na Hawajach. Tuż po jego śmierci na jaw wychodzą mroczne tajemnice z jego przeszłości, które rzucają złe światło na ród Winterslipów, będących ostoją bostońskiego konserwatyzmu. W rozwiązaniu zagadki Chanowi pomaga John Quincy, „purytanin najczystszej wody”.

    okładka The Complete Charlie Chan Series, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    Charlie Chen – the hero of the detective series, owned by the pen of the American writer Earl D. Biggers. Biggers wrote about two dozen action stories and plays, but he has been preserved in the memory of many generations of readers primarily as the creator of the image of this handsome inspector, the immense thickness of a Chinese living in Honolulu, where he now has to deal with purely Chinese dexterity. The multibook includes the most read novels of the author, such as: ...

    okładka Inside the Lines, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers, Robert Welles Ritchie

    Inside the Lines is a drama that developed during the First World War. The story about a business woman who came to New York to visit her department store. She meets an officer in the British signal corps. He escorts her to Paris and advises to quickly complete his business and return to America before the start of the war. But our heroine does the opposite and is in difficult circumstances.

    okładka Tells Ten Stories, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    Contents of the collection: Moonlight at the crossroads Selling Miss Minerva The heart of the loaf Possessions The dollar chasers Idle hands The girl who paid dividends A letter to Australia Nina and the blemish Broadway Brocade. Earl Biggers was a master of stories that highlighted the madness of human nature, both good and bad. The reader wants to see the roots for disadvantages and feel guilty for the villain. These stories are the last epoch when the romantic flourished...

    okładka The House Without a Key, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    Charlie Chan, the first Chinese detective in literature, is modeled after Chang Apana, a real-life police detective in Honolulu. A family originally from Boston, the Winterslips, has some members living in Hawaii. You can almost feel the gentle trade winds of Hawaii during the 1920s in this classic novel by Earl Derr Biggers. One of the wealthy Winterslips living in Hawaii is murdered. A younger member of the family, John Quincy Winterslip, has been sent to Boston to check ...

    okładka The Ebony Stick, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    No sooner had Bob from the Silver Star ranch reached Italy than a telegram arrived asking for $1,000. A pretty woman was behind it, but that wasn’t all. This early work by Earl Derr Biggers was originally published in 1916. „The Ebony Stick” is one of Biggers shorter stories, published after his death. The son of Robert J. and Emma E. (Derr) Biggers, Earl Derr Biggers was born in Warren, Ohio, and graduated from Harvard University in 1907. While on holiday in Hawaii, Bigger...

    okładka The Agony Column, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    Geoffrey West falls in love at first sight with a girl in a hotel breakfasting with her father. They’re all Americans, but the scene is London on the eve of the Great War. Both Geoffrey and his ladylove Marian are reading the personals (The Agony Column) of the Daily Mail. Later that day he has an idea to place an ad to catch her attention, and vows to send her a letter each day for a week to win her heart. Each letter becomes more interesting than the previous because West...

    okładka Love Insurance, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    The basic plot of this book is built around the reputation the Lloyds of London insurance firm had for ensuring all manner of unlikely propositions. Lord Harrowby is advised to marry a wealthy heiress. Luckily he meets Cynthia. She is rich, beautiful and willing to marry him. But, since he comes from a family of gamblers, he goes to Lloyds of London and takes an insurance policy to ensure his bride makes to the alter. Lloyds sends a handsome young man to make sure nothing s...

    okładka The Chinese Parrot, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    Earl Derr Biggers’ second Charlie Chan novel took the detective to the California desert where he uncovers the reason for the mysterious disappearance of a millionaire. Biggers was always a great romance writer who simply incorporated mystery into his books to propel the story forward. The story concerns a valuable string of pearls which is purchased by a wealthy and eccentric financier. Charlie Chan embarks on an incognito journey across the desert to find the answer to a ...

    okładka The Black Camel, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    The death of Hollywood actress Shelah Fane in her Waikiki beach house brings Charlie Chan of the Honolulu police to seek the identity of the killer. The story behind her murder is linked with the three-year-old murder of another Hollywood actor and also connected with an enigmatic psychic named Tarneverro. Through the confusion of alibis, false clues, and bizarre characters, Chan moves with the utmost calm – until the classic „gathering of suspects” climax, when his form of...

    okładka Seven Keys to Baldpate, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    One of the most thrilling novel ever, this is a medley of mystery, farce and intrigue an especially fine example of the American mystery play and one of the outstanding dramatic successes of modern times. A hotel closed for the winter, a snowy night, our hero and a key begin this delightful mystery. As we soon learn, our hero looking only for solitude, isn’t the only one with a key. Other colorful characters arrive one by one... men and women with stories of love, loss, and...

    okładka Fifty Candles, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    Just as in Biggers’ first Charlie Chan mystery, „The House Without a Key,” that romantic link between the Hawaii of a different era and the city of San Francisco is explored and holds the key to the mystery. Henry Drew has cheated young Winthrop out of a partnership in a Hunan mine. Other shady deeds abound in the past of this rich and outwardly respectable old man. Despite his antagonism to Drew, Winthrop accepts the old man’s invitation to a birthday dinner, mainly to be ...

    okładka Charlie Chan Carries On, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    The fifth of the Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan books books involves the Honolulu detective in a case of murder that stretches around the world, as members of a tour group are dying, one by one. Charlie’s old friend Chief Inspector Duff from Scotland Yard comes to his rescue in this book. Duff is investigating the murder of Hugh Morris Drake, a sweet old man strangled in London’s famous and exclusive hotel, Broome’s. Drake is with a tour group encircling the globe. While Du...

    okładka Keeper of the Keys, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    In this last written adventure, the plot unfolds with an intriguing scenario. Wealthy and hospitible Dudley Ward gathers together Charlie Chan along with Ellen’s three later husbands to his large house on Lake Tahoe. After hearing his former wife, Ellen Landini, may have been pregnant when she left him, Dudley Ward is determined to find his son. There are four ex-husbands, including Ward, all of them angry with Landini, who is about to marry a fifth husband, also present, w...

    okładka Behind That Curtain, Ebook | Earl Derr Biggers

    Biggers’ third book in the Charlie Chan series involves the detective in a case that spans decades and continents, culminating in the city of San Francisco. This time Charlie pulls aside the curtain that conceals a mystery far in the past. The plot links a present day murder with another murder some year previously, combined with a series of disappearances of young women. Charlie Chan is still trying to leave San Francisco after a vacation that turned into a job of detectio...

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Niepodważalną zaletą ebooków jest to, że w odróżnieniu od drukowanej książki można w nich zmieniać rodzaj oraz wielkość czcionki, formatować tekst, a w zależności od posiadanego czytnika istnieje też możliwość wyszukiwania pojedynczych słów w tekście, dodawania zakładek i robienia notatek.

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