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The Black Camel ebook

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The death of Hollywood actress Shelah Fane in her Waikiki beach house brings Charlie Chan of the Honolulu police to seek the identity of the killer. The story behind her murder is linked with the three-year-old murder of another Hollywood actor and also connected with an enigmatic psychic named Tarneverro. Through the confusion of alibis, false clues, and bizarre characters, Chan moves with the utmost calm – until the classic „gathering of suspects” climax, when his form of justice hits with shattering force. This is the fourth of Earl Derr Biggers’ books in the Charlie Chan series. It is also the first book in which we meet Chan’s family. Well, his wife and four of his eleven children to be specific. Where the other seven kids have gone is never mentioned.

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    • The Black Camel


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The Black Camel

The Black Camel

Earl Derr Biggers,

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