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Oriental Studies and Arts. Contributions Dedicated to Professor Tadeusz Majda on His 85th Birthday

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This volume is respectfully dedicated to Professor Tadeusz Majda, a renowned scholar in the fields of Oriental Studies and Art History. His numerous publications attest to his preeminent scholarly standing. But it is not the high number of his books and articles that alone mark him as a true teacher and a man of knowledge. It is the position he holds among his learned colleagues; the intense interest in his works shown by his disciples and students; the respect that he has earned among the public; and his values, wisdom, and gentle sense of humour that have all made him a true scholar, one to be followed. And of course there is his admirable elegance and charm. The scholarly fields represented by Professor Majda, Oriental Studies with a special focus on Turkology and the history of Oriental Art — mainly the art of the Middle East — are disciplines which require skills in multiple languages, a knowledge of history, a love of literature, a taste for the arts, an interest in Asia and many other traits and qualities, all of which have been acquired by Professor Majda. (from Preface by Agata Bareja-Starzyńska)


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