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Pat of Silver Bush (ebook)

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„Pat of Silver Bus” (1933) portrays a girl named Patricia Gardiner, who hates changes of any kind and loves her home, Silver Bush, more than anything else in the world. The book begins when Pat is 7 years old and ends when she is 18. She is very devoted to her family: her father and mother, her brothers Joe and Sid, and her sisters Winnie and Rachel. If it were up to her, nothing there would ever change. But of course if nothing changed, she’d never get a new baby sister, see her Aunt Hazel’s wedding, or meet the only boy who truly understands her. Yes, there is change coming for Pat – some of it joyous and some of it heartbreaking. But no matter what, he favorite house in the world will always be waiting for her...

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    • Pat of Silver Bush


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Pat of Silver Bush

Pat of Silver Bush


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