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Slane’s Long Shots (ebook)

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A collection of unconnected but all featuring the same protagonist, gentlemen amateur detective Slane. Sir Jasper Slane, wealthy clubman, and amateur detective, is always willing to help his fellow aristocrats in need. With the able assistance of Inspector Stimpson of Scotland Yard, he solves thefts, rescues kidnapped victims, foils blackmailers, and helps to restore fortunes. Because of his upper class morality, Slane is perhaps more diffident than some other Oppenheim heroes, but, in the end, he succumbs to the attractions of women. Much of Oppenheim’s work possesses a unique escapist charm, featuring protagonists who delight in Epicurean meals, surroundings of intense luxury, and the relaxed pursuit of criminal practice, on either side of the law.

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Slane’s Long Shots

Slane’s Long Shots


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