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okładka The Kahm Syndicateebook | epub, mobi | Aidan de Brune

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The Kahm Syndicate (ebook)

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„The Kahm Syndicate” is another breathtaking novel by the master of mystery Aidan de Brune, a colorful and prolific Australian writer whose opus is well worth saving from oblivion. Who will control the mean streets of Darlinghurst? This and another answers you can find here. The story is fast-paced with some surprising twists, well written and great to read. This genuine mystery story takes the reader from one exciting episode to another with all the adroitness and ingenuity of de Brune’s previous successful books. An entertaining tale of mystery and intrigue, this book constitutes a must-read for lovers of crime mystery.

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    • The Kahm Syndicate


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The Kahm Syndicate

The Kahm Syndicate


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