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okładka The Grays Manor Mysteryebook | epub, mobi | Aidan de Brune

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The Grays Manor Mystery (ebook)

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„The Dagger and the Cord,” „The Green Pearl,” „The Unlawful Adventure” and other thrilling tales of mystery and intrigue have made Mr. de Brune popular with Australian fiction readers. Nineteen novel length serials, two novella serials, and eighteen short stories, all except one published in Australian and New Zealand newspapers between 1926 and 1935. „The Grays Manor Mystery” enhances his reputation. It is a story packed with mystery and intrigue and Aidan de Brune keeps the action moving along swiftly, as he always did, and it highlights de Brune’s unmatched skill in setting a pulse-pounding pace. Wonderful entertainment and highly entertaining.

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The Grays Manor Mystery

The Grays Manor Mystery


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