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The Normative Mind ebook

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Key points

  • addresses philosophical and scientific issues connected with rule-following and decision-making
  • brings together contributions by philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists


A collection of essays dealing with issues connected with rule-following and decision-making from the perspectives of philosophy and various sciences. The Reader will learn about the diverse relations to rule-following behaviour of such phenomena as cognitive control, emotions, decision-making heuristics and creativity. The contributions also concern the problem of normativity as it is present in logic, moral epistemology and rational choice theory. Furthermore, the roles of evolution and of neural processes for the emergence of rule-following behaviour are analyzed.


Giuseppe Di Pellegrino, Jan Woleński, Edward Nęcka, Piotr Winkielman, Peter Jones, Matthew Kramer, Antonino Rotolo, Jan Kozłowski, Bartosz Brożek, Wojciech Załuski, Bipin Indurkhya, Magdalena Senderecka, Szymon Wichary, Bartłomiej Kucharzyk.

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    • The Normative Mind


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The Normative Mind

The Normative Mind

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