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    okładka Самійло Кошич. Чорноморський похід, Ebook | Дмитро Воронський

    Продовження роману «Самійло Кошич — козак-легенда». Історичний роман про козацьку епоху нашої країни. Самійло Кішка має вже багато років за плечима, але його розум досі такий же гострий, як і його шабля. Міцно тримає він у руках гетьманську булаву. Ніколи не відступає перед смертельною небезпекою й вчить того ж молодих козаків, на яких покладає особливі надії: Петра Сагайдачного, Михайла Дорошенка, Івана Сулиму. Адже земля українська та батьківська віра варті того, щоб їх в...

    okładka Young Dr. Kildare, Ebook | Max Brand

    „Young Dr. Kildare” is the first in a popular series of eight novels by writer Max Brand, beginning in 1940 and finishing in 1943. Brand this time has young Dr. Kildare take on a special case to force his beloved Gillespie to take a rest from the research job which is draining him. The case involves a fear neurosis in the daughter of a multimillionaire, and Kildaire uses unorthodox means to get to the bottom of it. He has an ingenious way of bringing her out of darkness, and ...

    okładka Trail Partners, Ebook | Max Brand

    The plot revolves around a simple but noble man who inherited the mine. And, of course, there are some dark characters who try to steal it all in various ways. A young thief becomes the brain of an operation.

    okładka The Storm, Ebook | Max Brand

    Twelve-year-old Tommy is left to fend for himself. Thanks to endurance, ingenuity and a wonderful union with the grizzly bear, whose mother he helped, the boy survives. When Tommy gets older, he and the bear set off for the valley, where they prevent the killing of an indestructible horse. The horse, bear and Tommy become legend – and the expedition is about to capture or kill Tommy.

    okładka The People vs. Dr. Kildare, Ebook | Max Brand

    Kildare saves the life of a skater who had a car accident. But even though her leg is broken, she cannot walk, and she is trying to sue Kildare for negligence, and Kildare’s entire career and reputation are now based on the correct diagnosis in the courtroom.

    okładka Six-Gun Country, Ebook | Max Brand

    «This is the story of the toughest barn in the Wild West, the most reliable of all that has ever lived. Wherever Roniki Dawn goes, trouble is sure to follow. So Dun was not surprised when he went to Twin Springs and ended up in the middle of a deadly war between two rival families».

    okładka Pillar Mountain, Ebook | Max Brand

    Loafer was a big dog who looked like a buffalo wolf; he was gray against one background and pale yellow against another; like a buffalo wolf, he had a great leonine body covered with a loose hide which humped in a wave above his shoulders at every lurch of his gallop. Strangers always said „Wolf! „ when they saw him, and no one said „Good dog! „ except his master.

    okładka Mountain Riders, Ebook | Max Brand

    Hometown Cowboy was an easy introduction into the Rocky Mountain Riders. Sexy cowboy, a heroine who’s a dreamer and rescues animals, chocolate, a darling little pig, family struggles and mending broken relationships. Hometown Cowboy was a tempting introduction to the Rocky Mountain Riders.

    okładka Montana Rides Again, Ebook | Max Brand

    The Montana Kid, „El Keed” south of the border, slips a marriage noose to join Mateo Rubriz, prince of Mexican outlaws, in a wild cross-border raid. The target: a gold and emerald crown stolen by the governor of Duraya from the church under his protection. In Duraya, Montana and Rubriz have no problem getting into the governor’s fort, even finding the crown. It’s the getting out that nearly undoes them!

    okładka Interns Can’t Take Money, Ebook | Max Brand

    Jimmy Kildare used to get away from the hospital every afternoon and go over to Tom McGuire’s saloon on the avenue. He always drank two beers. An interne in the accident room has to have the brains in his fingertips in good order all day long, but two beers don’t get very far between a man and himself if he has a bit of head on his shoulders, and Jimmy Kildare had.

    okładka Dr. Kildare’s Hardest Case, Ebook | Max Brand

    „Lindley Parker Sessions, commandant of the Yard, stood with his hand on his hips and looked up. There is a saying that even the Devil would make a sailor if he could only learn to look up. However, the Rear Admiral was not staring at the leech of a sail; he was watching the ironworkers as they ran up a new portion of the ways. Welders did most of the construction in the Yard, but for lack of them at this point, Lieutenant Commander Henry Jervis, who supplied the engineering ...

    okładka Dr. Kildare’s Girl, Ebook | Max Brand

    In the crowded waiting room of Dr. Gillespie there were people of ten nations of more than ten degrees, from the old pugilist with rheumatism in his broken hands to the Indian mystic whose eyes already were forgetting this world; but little Florrie Adams took precedence over all of these. Her mother lagged breathless, a step behind, as Florrie was led quickly on by a nurse so pretty that the little girl had to keep looking up at that freshness and that bloom; and so her stumb...

    okładka Dr. Kildare’s Crisis, Ebook | Max Brand

    When young doctor James Kildare and his fiancée, nurse Mary Lamont, make plans for their wedding day, brother Mary Douglas arrives at her. Douglas asks Kildare to arrange an appointment with a wealthy Mr. Chandler, whose daughter Kildare rescued at Young Doctor Kildare to ask for a fund to create three subsidized trading schools to train unskilled workers. Kildare does not want to impose Chandler for ethical reasons, but is concerned that Doug, who hears nonexistent sounds, m...

    okładka Dr. Kildare Goes Home, Ebook | Max Brand

    After graduating from medical school, Dr. James Kildar returns to his small hometown where his proud parents Stephen and Martha Kildar and childhood friend Alice Raymond expect him to join his father in his medical practice. However, he is more ambitious, although he is not sure what he wants to do. He recruited as an intern at New York Hospital.

    okładka Donnegan Gunman’s Reckoning, Ebook | Max Brand

    Max Brand is an American writer, considered one of the best authors working in the Western genre. A gunman’s reckoning is his understanding, and here, we have several gunmen and women, one in a main role, whose understandings of life ineluctably draw them together. „Gunman’s Reckoning” is a psychological novel, with roots in Greek tragedy and with twists worthy of far better known writers.

    okładka Cheyenne Gold, Ebook | Max Brand

    The most dangerous killer in Alaska, Menneval sends a certain Bill Ranger to California in search of information about his father and son Crosson. After many setbacks, Bill finally finds the Crossons in the woods. The life of father and son is shrouded in deep mystery. Bill will be with them to become a member of incredible adventures and bloody skirmishes.

    okładka Wild Horse Mesa, Ebook | Zane Grey

    This novel takes place in southeastern Utah in the late 1800s. The main character, Chance Weimer, is a debater of wild horses. His greatest conquest would be to capture the great wild stallion Pankitch, whose refuge is the wild horse of Mesa. Naturally, the book is full of Indians, thieves, chases, wild river crossings and amazing love. After all, this is a love story.

    okładka The Spirit of the Border, Ebook | Zane Grey

    This is a historical novel about the American border during the American Revolutionary War. At this time, the United States border began at Fort Pitt, and the Ohio River was the main artery for entry into the dense forest, unresolved and dangerous western countries. The area west of Fort Pitt was inhabited by Indians who were incited by Detroit-based British against rebellious American colonists.

    okładka The Maverick Queen, Ebook | Zane Grey

    After his partner was killed during a card game, Link Bradway travels to South Pass, Wyoming to find the killer. But South Pass is awash with players and gunsmiths, and Bradway’s quest leads him directly to a bloody battle when he discovers that he will need much more than a gun to stay alive.

    okładka Rogue River Feud, Ebook | Zane Grey

    Zane Gray had a hut on the Robber, and his affection and passion for this epic river make her the main theme of the book.It is the best writing about the Rogue that has been done before or since and poetically and descriptively traces the river from its birth below Crater Lake to its dispersal into the Pacific and then picks up a school of salmon and takes them all the way back up the river to spawn. Environmental organizations attempting to save Northwest salmon should be ha...

    okładka Na krawędzi Cienia. Trylogia Anioła Nocy. Tom 2, Ebook | Brent Weeks

    Kylar Stern odrzucił życie zabójcy. Po krwawym przewrocie, zorganizowanym przez Króla-Boga, mistrz i najbliższy przyjaciel Kylara nie żyją. Przyjacielem był Logan Gyre - następca cenaryjskiego tronu. Jednak niewielu arystokratów przeżyło, żeby opłakiwać jego śmierć. Kylar zaczyna więc od nowa: w nowym mieście, z nowymi towarzyszami, w nowym zawodzie. Kiedy jednak dowiaduje się, że Logan może żyć - uwięziony, w ukryciu - staje przed najcięższym wyborem: może na zawsze porzuc...

    okładka Droga Cienia. Trylogia Anioła Nocy. Tom 1, Ebook | Brent Weeks

    Dla Durzo Blinta zabijanie to sztuka, a w tym mieście on jest największym artystą. Dla Merkuriusza przetrwanie nie jest rzeczą pewną. Nie ma żadnej gwarancji przeżycia. Jako szczur z ulicy wychował się w slumsach i nauczył się szybko oceniać ludzi. I podejmować ryzyko. Na przykład zgłaszając się na ucznia do Durzo Blinta. Jednak żeby zostać przyjętym do terminu, Merkuriusz musi odrzucić swoje dawne życie i przyjąć nową tożsamość. Jako Kylar Stern musi nauczyć się poruszać ...

    okładka Znachor. Profesor Wilczur, Ebook | Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz

    Powieść „Znachor” Tadeusza Dołęgi-Mostowicza była przenoszona na ekran trzykrotnie. Najnowsza adaptacja filmowa została zrealizowana w 2022 r. przez Michała Gazdę i będzie miała premierę w Netflixie w drugiej połowie 2023 r. W oczekiwaniu na dzień premiery oddajemy do rąk czytelników tekst powieści „Znachor” wraz z jej kontynuacją zawartą w utworze „Profesor Wilczur”. To jedyne wydanie, dzięki któremu można poznać całość losów renomowanego warszawskiego chirurga, profesora Ra...

    okładka Moje życie w ciekawych czasach, Ebook | Krystyna Gumulak

    1 sierpnia 1987 roku — pod natłokiem zachodzących wokół mnie zmian oczekiwanych przez wszystkich, ale jeszcze wczoraj prawie nierealnych — poczułam potrzebę opisania obrazków ze swojego życia — we wstępie do wspomnień pisze autorka, Krystyna Gumulak (rocznik 1928, dziennikarka, żona, matka, babka i prababka). — Dręczyła mnie potrzeba utrwalenia tego, co przez lata okupacji niemieckiej i porządków władzy ludowej zostało wyparte, zakłamane i zastąpione pustymi hasłami propaga...