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    okładka The Woman from Outside, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    A woman goes on a secret errand into the far Northwest. Before it is accomplished the usual characters come into the story – Indians, mounted police, and the villain. Written by Hulbert Footner who was an Edmonton journalist and travelled the northwest before it was settled. Published in 1921, it is a fascinating eye-witness view of the times and attitudes of northern trappers and traders, including the colonial view of Native Peoples.

    okładka The Substitute Millionaire, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    A multimillionaire Silas Gyde was killed by an anarchist’s bomb and Jack Norman found himself Silas Gyde’s sole heir and the richest man in New York. The inheritance included a warning from his benefactor about an elaborate protection scheme promising to protect the wealthy from anarchists, in which Gyde had declined to enroll. Jack enlists a out-of-work actor to take on his own identity, while he, in the guise of Jack Norman’s secretary, works furiously behind the scenes to ...

    okładka The Huntress, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    „The Huntress” written by Hulbert Footner who was a Canadian writer of non-fiction and detective fiction. His first published works were travelogues of canoe trips on the Hudson River and in the Northwest Territory along the Peace River, Hay River and Fraser River. He also wrote a series of northwest adventures during the period 1911 through 1920. Published in 1922, here a frontier love story with a tough, but intriguing heroine and a reluctant, at first weak, but eventually ...

    okładka The Owl Taxi, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Suppose you were a young and very rich New Yorker, and you suddenly lost all your money. Suppose you met a taxi-driver and for reasons good to both you agreed to exchange identities. Suppose, having started up Fifth Avenue in the old taxi at one a.m., you were about to admit your first fare when you discovered a dead body already occupying the car. Humor, espionage, romance, and adventure make this novel thrilling.

    okładka The Deaves Affair, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    „The Deaves Affair” by Hulbert Footner. A millionnaire family is attacked by a blackmailer. They will be ruined if he always succeeds. A young struggling artist in New York City Evan is engaged to protect the old man from the crowd and from their blunders. But he had to play the role of a detective to help this family to discover the romantically inclined mystery in this affair. Will he succeed?

    okładka The Folded Paper Mystery, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Nick Peters was a repairer of watches who fond of friendly arguments with Fin Corveth, a free-lance journalist. One day Peters is murdered, and Corveth finds himself involved in a baffling mystery in which a little brass ball plays an important part for the little brass ball conceals an emerald locket, which in turn conceals a blank square of folded paper. It becomes clear that greater events are afoot than simple murder...

    okładka Ramshackle House, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Traveling through southern Florida, a New Yorker Don Counsel is being framed by Ernest Riever for a murder he did not commit. Riever is holding the real killer captive on his yacht while detectives are searching for Counsel. Meanwhile a young Pen Broome tries to help Counsel out. Riever’s men find Counsel and trap him in a ballast bulkhead, but Pen rescues him. Will Counsel be able to prove his innocence?

    okładka A Self-Made Thief, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    A strange and inescapable force lures Frank Heberdon, socially prominent young lawyer, on to life of crime, and he finds his lovely rescuer in a denizen of the underworld where they join forces. The development of Frank’s criminal career and the way he goes from theft and blackmail to drugs and finally murder makes as thrilling and absorbing a tale as Hulbert Footner ever wrote – with a smashing surprise at the very end.

    okładka Thieves’ Wit, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Thieves Wit is a detective story. Aspiring Confidential Agent in search of a pearl necklace. The villain sets up her lover, but the detective foils the evil plot. A story that keeps you in suspense until the end.

    okładka The Shanty Sled, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    This story is something vital, but very tragic. The main character decides to travel from New York to northwestern Canada to see her mother, who sent her to New York twenty years ago. She falls in love with a local catcher, and then an evil fur trader tries to intervene.

    okładka The Obeah Murders, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    The novel begins with the fact that Phil Nevitt, an employee of an American alcoholic beverage company, goes to Annunziata, the mythical island of Futner’s creation in the West Indies, to learn everything he can about the Randall Trantora rum. „The Obeah Murders” show their fantastic roots with so many genre influences (spy, western, adventure, supernatural and detective). In the end, however, the race issue was the most surprising and, ultimately, the most important aspect...

    okładka Murder Runs in the Family, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Lance McCrea lived in a boarding house. There he met a girl he fell in love with. But their relationship is hampered by a powerful person. Lance tries to find out why this powerful man has some kind of hold over her. When he faces the man down, he finds he has been murdered. Of course, he is not the murderer but is a prime suspect anyway.

    okładka The Sealed Valley, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    The Fort Edward Hotel, better known as the Maroney’s Hotel, looked in the middle of the streets like a packing box among soap dishes. Other habitats stretched out on both sides of the wrong double row. At eleven in the morning there were few humans in sight, because the black? ies were in murderous fettle, and anyway, the principal industry of the place was waiting for the railway. Strange things happen on these streets. The reader will not immediately be able to understand...

    okładka The Fur Bringers, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    The historicity of this story captivated everyone. After all, it gives a feeling of a sense of thinking and adventure of that time. A young free fur trader challenges the practices of the North West Company trader who is cheating the Natives of proper prices and enslaving them with debt for goods. Here, not only sinister characters, rebellion and accusations, but also love stories unfold against the backdrop of all this.

    okładka Orchids to Murder, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Amos Lee Mappin is a great detective. A sad man came to him asking him to find his granddaughter, Mary Stannard. The detective soon discovers that she has stood up her wedding party. Mappin found several strands and many clues through which he can find Mary.

    okładka Who Killed the Husband, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Mappin is a wealthy New York criminologist and author who is highly valued by the police and high society. He participates only in those crimes that really interest him. And in ’Who Killed the Husband’ he investigates solely because all the people around him beg him to take action. In this story, a detective investigates the murder of a banker. The killer who, according to the police have already found.

    okładka Sinfully Rich, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    We learn from the very beginning that the main character dies. But, of course, readers need to find out who is the killer. There were many people in her entourage: friends, journalists, lawyers, lieutenants, and maids. What do these guys have in common? And how did the main character die?

    okładka Death of a Celebrity, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Many guys wanted the playwright, Gavin Dordress, to die. Especially on the night of his party. Gail Garrett and Bea Townley openly quarreled for the main role in the play. The next morning Gavin Dordress was found shot to death, a chessman imprinted on his forehead, and nearby a letter of farewell that sounded suspiciously like one of his stage characters speaking. Then a new and amazing hint hastened the seemingly hopeless hunt.

    okładka Madame Storey Intervenes, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Author Hulbert Footner (1879-1944) brought the excitement of the 1920s and 1930s to Madame Storey's cosmopolitan adventures, moving away from Edwardian and Victorian flavors of the mystery genre. Beautiful and aloof. Her secretary/narrator/companion is Bella Brickley. Rosika lives near Gramercy Park in NYC and has a pet monkey. She seems to solve cases by use of good guesswork, "practical psychology" and fortuitous prior knowledge of certain facts or people.

    okładka Madame Storey, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    ‘"When Rogues Fall Out” incorporates some wonderful conundrums to hoodwink and hinder the cleverest of crime readers. This book contains three interconnected stories. In the first, a respectable collector of antiques falls victim to temptation. In the second a police inspector is found dead in suspicious circumstances in a railway tunnel. This section includes an interesting „essay” on the early use of fingerprint evidence. The third is a classic locked room mystery where s...

    okładka The Viper, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    A collection of crime fiction short stories featuring Mme. Rosika Storey and her resourceful assistant Bella Brickley. Mme. Storey unravels complex cases with thorough investigation and an understanding of human nature. Her way to resolve the mystery is original and bring you in a new world. She is Madame Storey, like Sherlock has fantastic powers of deduction and understanding of psychology, and her secretary is like Watson though she does’t have a degree in medicine. Thes...

    okładka The Velvet Hand, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    Madame Rosika Storey was one of the most celebrated fictional female private investigators during the Golden Age of the mystery (1920-40). She is a beautiful detecative who solves four cases for you in a manner most effecative, arriving at conclusions by processes subliminal, since intuition is her guide in locating the criminal. See what happen in each case, both dangerous and difficult. And since her intuition is so perfectly reliable, and backed up by ingenious proof who...

    okładka The Handsome Young Men, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    A historical romance and tale of adventure, set in England during the fourteenth century. Descendent of a noble family, Nigel Loring is the last of his race, and living alone with his aged grand-mother, upon a small remnant of their great estate. In service to King Edward III, Sir Nigel Loring must prove himself worthy of the hand of his the Lady Mary by performing three deeds in her honor. On his way to the altar, Nigel rescues a woman from dishonor, fights a pirate leader...

    okładka The Almost Perfect Murder, Ebook | Hulbert Footner

    „Beyond the City” explores the relationships between the residents of three adjoining homes. The cast of characters includes a widowed doctor with two daughters, a retired admiral with a wife and son, and a feminist living with her nephew. Destiny brings these three peculiar households together in the placid English countryside. The desire for money and romance drive these Victorians beyond the natural boundaries of their middle-class lives. As the web of lust and deceit dr...

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