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All of My Mums ebook

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"All My Moms" is a book that is part of a series of books telling children about war. A little boy, the hero of this story, takes us by the hand and leads us behind the barbed wire of the Warsaw ghetto. The author shows us the war seen through the eyes of a child, and we rarely look at it from this perspective. The book features Irena Sendler, who saved two and a half thousand children from extermination. Is it possible to oppose evil more beautifully? “Not only in times of war, but also in times of peace, let us help each other selflessly every day, thinking that this is what we were born for,” said Irena Sendler. And that is the message of this book.

From Elżbieta Ficowska (born in 1942 in the Warsaw Ghetto and on the initiative of Irena Sendler, transported as a baby in a wooden box to the Aryan side):

"All My Moms" is a story of a Jewish boy about the cruel, evil world in which he lived during the Holocaust. Szymek also met good people, they rescued him, tried to soothe his fear, despair and terror. Good people, a light in times of contempt. The author does not forget about Irena Sendler, who was in charge of Żegota's action to save Jewish children. The sensitivity with which Renata Piątkowska shows evil and good means that we can safely give this book into the hands of children.

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All of My Mums

All of My Mums

Renata Piątkowska,

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