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okładka The Wisdom of Father Brownebook | epub, mobi | Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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The Wisdom of Father Brown ebook

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In Chesterton’s second Father Brown book, „The Wisdom of Father Brown,” we get a series of bizarre, sometimes dangerous mysteries that Father Brown must puzzle out. Some of the crimes are simple once Brown explains them, but others are devious, chilling things that are wrapped in Chesterton’s poetic prose. In the stories that follow, the priest investigates many other mysteries: a sinister voodoo cult, a nobleman with a deformed ear, a gang of Italian thieves, a lie-detector with one major problem (the operator), a girl who is blackmailed for a crime nobody knows she committed, a burning tower, a murder that may be suicide, and a man who is under a horrible death curse. Father Brown solves things by observation and thought, in some ways like Poirot, but in an unassuming and modest manner. The stories are each very different, but are very good reading.

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The Wisdom of Father Brown

The Wisdom of Father Brown

Gilbert Keith Chesterton,

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