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Burn, Witch, Burn! (ebook)

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Originally published in 1932, „Burn, Witch, Burn! „ is a classic fantasy/horror and mystery novel by A. Merritt. In it, we meet Dr. Lowell, an eminent neurologist who becomes curious when a series of mysterious deaths comes to his attention. Men and women in the NYC area have been dying of no apparent cause, but with horrible grimaces on their faces and with very rapid onsets of rigor mortis. The trail of bizarre deaths leads to one Madame Mandilip and her doll shop, and before long the reader is immersed in a world of supernaturalism and escalating tension. Combining folklore with modern science, Merritt weaves a wonderfully haunting tale about what happens when the world around us, grounded in science, ends up failing us. Recommended for lovers of the offbeat.

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Burn, Witch, Burn!

Burn, Witch, Burn!


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