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Creep, Shadow! (ebook)

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„Creep, Shadow! „ is the second novel in the Dr. Lowell series, preceded by „Burn, Witch, Burn! „. It’s short and it moves along very quickly but there’s plenty of tension and some genuinely creepy moments. Doctor Alan Carnac returns to the commonplace world of New York from the jungles of Africa, only to meet there a menace more mysterious and appalling than the savage magic of the witch doctors – his best friend has inexplicably committed suicide and Carnac begins a frantic investigation which will lead him to come across charming but sinister women and into the horror of obscure sacrificial rites... A masterpiece of horror, mystery and paranormal, A. Merritt’s novel will make even the hottest blood run cold.

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Creep, Shadow!

Creep, Shadow!


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