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Hypoadrenia, Adrenal Fatigue An epidemic known only to your contemporaries ...and how to deal with it ebook

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It is likely that most of us – if not each of us – has weakened adrenal glands, as evidenced by many of the somatic symptoms we experience on a daily basis.

One of the ailments, which is almost becoming an epidemic of the modern world, is hypoadrenia, or so-called adrenal fatigue. The term epidemic is not at all exaggerated. It is likely that most of us – if not each of us – has weakened adrenal glands, as evidenced by many of the somatic symptoms we experience on a daily basis. According to Dr. Michael Lam, a medical authority on the subject, each of us probably suffers from greater weakness of these glands several times over the course of our lives. This can be caused by a change of residence, demanding college exams, an overload of responsibilities at work, financial difficulties, layoff or unemployment, illness, the demands of caring for a young child, or supporting a disabled or ill family member.

Situations like these and the turmoil of life are not indifferent to our health and well-being. They cause endocrine system disruption and various physical symptoms. It's good if the stress factor subsides or relents... then usually without specific remedies, after some time, the body returns to balance on its own. It's worse if the stressors overlap or last permanently for a long time. Then the adaptive mechanisms break down and we need specific help. This makes it all the more valuable to know how to support the functioning of the adrenal glands (significantly exploited in all kinds of stress reactions) so that they can function optimally again.

The primary purpose of this study is to briefly characterize adrenal fatigue in the context of the subject of stress that afflicts people today and the fact that Western medicine does not recognize this ailment as a disease entity, and therefore does not officially undertake its treatment. The author of this academic book is keen to draw the attention of doctors to the issue, as well as ordinary people interested in the state of their health who would like to take appropriate countermeasures in their own capacity.

The book answers the following questions:

  • How, in terms of individual systems, does chronic stress affect our body?
  • What is General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) and what are its phases?
  • What is the biochemistry of the stress response?
  • What are the basic functions of the adrenal glands and the hormones they produce?
  • What are the causes, symptoms and phases of adrenal fatigue?
  • How does academic medicine address hypoadrenia?
  • What are the diagnostic problems caused by adrenal fatigue?
  • How does Chinese medicine address the issue of hypoadrenia?
  • How to promote adrenal regeneration?
  • How long does it take to recover from the various stages of hypoadrenia?

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Hypoadrenia, Adrenal Fatigue

Hypoadrenia, Adrenal Fatigue

Lukas McGregor,

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