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The Yellow Streak (ebook)

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George Valentine Williams (1883-1946) was an English journalist, actor, lecturer, screenwriter, and author of many crime and thriller novels. He created „The Fox” (Baron Alexis de Bahl), „Clubfoot” (Dr. Adolph Grunt), Mr. Treadgold the tailor and Detective Sergeant Trevor Dene. „The Yellow Streak” is the first book in the Inspector Manderton series. A wealthy industrialist with a mysterious past, has a group of friends staying with him at his country house in England. He apparently commits suicide, but a good friend of the young woman engaged to the industrialist believes it’s murder and seeks to find the murderer. Good old fashioned country house novel: sort of locked room, suicide or murder mystery. Highly recommended for people who like to treat a mystery story as a solvable riddle!

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    • The Yellow Streak


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The Yellow Streak

The Yellow Streak


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