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okładka The Return of Clubfootebook | epub, mobi | Valentine Williams

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The Return of Clubfoot (ebook)

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An Espionage/Adventure Classic! With „The Return of Clubfoot”, Valentine Williams has penned a thrilling page-turner of mystery, love, adventure, and intrigue. Whilst spending a holiday in a small Central American Republic, Desmond Okewood, of the Secret Service, learns from a dying beachcomber of a hidden treasure. With the assistance of a millionaire, he sets out for an island in the Pacific. To his astonishment he discovers that the Man with the Clubfoot, whom he had regarded as dead and who had shot his brother Francis, has anticipated him. The circumstances of how Okewood gains knowledge of the treasure and the subsequent pursuit by Okewood’s nemesis, Clubfoot, in which the millionaire’s pretty daughter takes a prominent part, made for a fast-paced, suspenseful, and entertaining read highlighted by a romantic interest and a satisfying ending.

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    • The Return of Clubfoot


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The Return of Clubfoot

The Return of Clubfoot


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