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Courier to Marrakesh (ebook)

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Perhaps Valentine Williams’ finest mystery thriller. Set in WW2, folk singer and guitarist Andrea Hallam gets caught up in a Nazi spy ring while travelling alone in Morocco. Kidnapped by Nazis who believe she holds a dossier on Hitler, the tale travels from entertaining wartime banter to sinister suspense and back again. She is swept into a plot to destroy or blackmail Hitler with some secret documents. But that enterprising villain Clubfoot (Dr. Grundt), wants to retrieve these documents. An exciting and emotional book from beginning to end. „Courier to Marrakesh „ is the last entry in the seven book series about the evil Dr. Adolph Grundt. There are 7 books in the „Clubfoot” series of secret agent action novels, featuring Dr Grundt, an agent of the German government as the „baddie”.

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Courier to Marrakesh

Courier to Marrakesh


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