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The Fox Prowls (ebook)

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A hard boiled mystery and suspense thriller set in Ukraine. A rich American magnate Stephen Selmar and his daughter Melissa are lured into Rumania by an arms dealer, the sinister Barm de Bahl „"The Fox"”, as part of a plot to boost the arms industry by fomenting a war between Rumania and Russia. Enter the British Secret Service... „"The Fox Prowls"” by Valentine Williams is a fine bunch of villains cooking up international deviltry in romantic surroundings; inextinguishable hero; lovely gal; continuous thrills. In it, a bit of mystery with a rundown Bessarabian castle, a hidden treasure, a gang of international crooks, and an officer of the British Intelligence, disguised as a crude chauffeur. Highly recommended for people who like to treat a mystery story as a solvable riddle!

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    • The Fox Prowls


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The Fox Prowls

The Fox Prowls


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