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Henry James

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    okładka The Golden Bowl, Ebook | Henry James

    This is the biography of Henry Morgan, the pirate admiral. In his youth, he spent several years in slavery, later became famous as a skilled warlord and vice-governor of Jamaica. The central theme of the novel – ingenious assault, lightning capture and ruthless looting of the Golden Cup – so called Panama, which was the richest city in the West Indies.

    okładka The Wings of the Dove, Ebook | Henry James

    The novel is complicated, it’s true. Long, ornate sentences, philosophical speculations of the characters, complex in their structure and further awareness of the phrase.. but.. this and not only the novel represents the uniqueness and sophistication. Restrained and at the same time shocking, harmonious and scary real. Did you know that among the higher aristocracy there are wolves in sheep’s clothing?